Car Wash Funny Insurance Claim

by Sue Painter

A Car Wash Funny Insurance Claim In Tennessee

A Car Wash Funny Insurance Claim In Tennessee

This is an actual true story, and yes, the insurance company did pay the claim.

A good friend of mine drove her week-old new car through a car wash at a gas station in Nashville, Tennessee, that she has frequented for many years.

Once a week she drives her car through and has done so for years. On this occasion, she drove her brand new car into the wash and noticed that the system was making a funny bumping sound that she had not heard before.

Upon exiting, exactly one-half of her brand new car was dented with hundreds of dents, from end to end. She went into the gas station to report what had occurred and when she and the owner went out to look at the car wash, there was a jump rope with heavy handles on both ends wrapped up in the apparatus that travels over the car.

Apparently, the SUV that had gone through the wash just before her had a jump rope left on top of it, and the machine had scooped it up and there it was, waiting to beat the heck out of the next car.

Needless to say, my friend was more than a little upset. The car wash owner’s insurance company was very snotty about it and refused to pay, but her own insurance company did pay – thousands of dollars in damages to a brand new car.


Dear Sue,

Oh my word, that is just awful, but terribly funny. I can just picture that jump rope battering the side of that beautiful new car.

Knowing insurance companies, I'm not surprised the car wash insurer tried to get out of paying, but I am surprised if they succeeded.

I wonder if your friend's insurance company was able to get their money back from the other company. I'd of been glad to let them fight it out between themselves, of course.

Obviously, it wasn't really the Car Wash's fault, but that is the purpose of liability insurance, isn't it? :-)

So glad it was resolved positively for your friend. I imagine she will forever give those spinning brushes a good look before driving in for a wash!

Thanks for sharing the story!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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