Car Insurance In UK

Car Insurance in UK

If you're looking to buy car insurance in UK territory, you need to know not only the different types of coverage available, but also how to get the discounts that will save you money.

Not all auto insurance is created equal. It helps to know what it is you really need for your particular insurance situation, and how much car insurance the UK law requires you to have.

UK car insurance differs a bit from the auto insurance of the USA and Australia, my own two primary places of residence. The terminology is somewhat different, and there are a few different options available for discounts.

Regardless, one point remains the same - it's illegal to drive in the UK without a limited amount of basic insurance coverage.


Something else that is pretty much the same the world over, and I'm sure you've already realized, is that "people are people" wherever you go.

To me, that means that everyone wants to be sure that they are getting the best possible deal on their auto insurance, but they also want to be sure that they are getting quality coverage from a reliable insurance company in the UK.

This information provided below about auto insurance in UK will help you determine exactly what kind of coverage you need AND help you save some money on your car insurance.

Types of Coverage for Car Insurance in UK

There are basically three main types of coverage for auto insurance in UK. They are as follows...

  • Third Party - Third party covers the other person if you are in an accident and it is your fault. The insurance will pay for their repairs and other compensation. This is the basic coverage that is required by law. If this is the only coverage you have, you get nothing for your own losses.

  • Third Party, Fire and Theft - This coverage is the same as basic third party, but it also offers compensation for your own vehicle if it is damaged due to fire or theft.

  • Fully Comprehensive - Comprehensive cover is insurance that will cover not only other people but also you and your motor vehicle. This will cover you for damages whether you are at fault or not.

The law only requires you to have the first type, Third Party. The rest is up to you. If you have an older, less expensive vehicle, you may want to consider saving the money on your premiums and only carrying the bare minimum amount of coverage. Be aware, though, that you will have to suffer the loss fully in the event of an accident when you are at fault.

UK Car Insurance "Excess"

car insurance in UK

One simple way to save a bit of money on your UK car insurance quotes is to carry a higher policy excess. The excess is the amount that you have to pay out first, before your insurance pays the rest.

For instance, if the damages were £2000 and you had an excess of £400, the insurer would only pay you £1600.

Personally, I like to keep my excess as high as possible so that I can get the cheapest rates. It is a good idea to set aside the amount of your excess so that you have it available, just in case. If you never need it, you will have yourself a little extra savings.

What determines your premium rates when buying car insurance in UK locations?

There are several factors involved when determining the quote you will receive when seeking car insurance in the UK. We have already mentioned a few of them above.

  • Type of Coverage - the type and amount of coverage you want.

  • Policy Excess - the higher the excess, the lower the premium.

  • Age of the Driver - younger drivers are considered higher risk.

  • Location - the area where you live and where you park your vehicle can affect the rates you are offered.

  • Type of Vehicle - the make and model of the vehicle you own will contribute to the cost of your insurance. In the UK, they have a group insurance rating system that places vehicles in category groups numbered 1 -20 based on what they consider the risk factor. The lower the group insurance your vehicle falls into, the lower the rate you are charged. This is something to consider when purchasing a new vehicle.

  • Driving History - A good driving history with no claims and no fines for traffic violations will always be to your benefit when looking for a car insurance quote.

  • Annual Mileage - The amount of miles you drive per year is considered when calculating your rate. Those who drive less are considered less risk of filing a claim.

Knowing the basics when looking for car insurance in UK will help you to find the best possible rates. Happy Hunting!

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