Car Insurance In Australia

Car Insurance in Australia

Car Insurance in Australia is necessary for all drivers regardless of the state in which you live.

In fact, you can't even register a motor vehicle in Australia without paying for the legally required minimum insurance (Third Party Compulsory coverage).

That is one way the government insures that at least medical damages will be covered in the event of an accident.  That's particularly important in a country that has socialized medicine, but it's also helpful to the innocent third parties affected by car accidents in Australia.

If you're not quite sure what you need, you can find the right Australia auto insurance and save yourself some money at the same time by getting your insurance coverage online, or some comparison quotes at the very least.

You'll want to go over the basic types of Australia car insurance so you will be sure to know what's available and what you are getting.

The whole process is pretty straightforward these days. Apart from the insurance required by law, you can choose between three levels of additional types of Australian auto insurance coverage.

  1. Third Party Property - covers other people's property.

  2. Fire, Theft, and Third Party Property Damage/Extra Cover - covers other peoples property, but also covers yours in cases of fire and theft.

  3. Comprehensive Cover - covers other people's property as well as your own.

Facts That Affect Your Insurance Rate Premiums

It is important to shop around if you want to find the best premium rate. There are ways to reduce your costs if you know what determines your quote.

  • Driving Record - It is important to try to keep a blemish free driving record. If you have a good driving history, you can expect to receive a discount. Be sure to ask for it!

  • Excess - Your excess is the amount you have to pay up front if you are in an accident and it was your fault. If you can afford to carry a higher excess, your premium will come down considerably.

  • No Claim Bonus - Every year you are insured and don't make a claim, you increase the discount you receive from your NCB up to about 65%. Some companies offer a rating 1 for life if you have no claims for a number of years.

  • Personal Details - Of course, your age, gender, location, and type of vehicle all play a significant part in determining your car insurance rates. Although you can't change most of these factors, you can think about your auto insurance the next time you decide to purchase a motor vehicle. Generally, sporty, high performance, and imported vehicles are going to cost you more to insure.

By knowing and considering these factors, you are better able to negotiate the best deal for your auto insurance in Australia.

My final tip? Comparison shop! Like most purchases we make, we can usually find a better price when we take the time to shop around for car insurance in Australia. Have fun!

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