Car Insurance For Woman Driver

Car Insurance For Woman Driver

You can often get cheaper car insurance for woman driver than you can for a man.  That's one of the little known blessings of being a woman!

I love that! In spite of all those "woman driver" jokes, the facts bear out that women have a better record when it comes to driving than men do.   My hubby will never believe that or agree that it's true, but it is! :)

The statistics prove that the vast majority of reckless driving charges are to male drivers. Too, the cost of repairs for accidents are much higher when men have been driving the vehicles, generally speaking.

This may be a result of the more cautious nature of most ladies in comparison to men, or the fact that women don't see the need to show off as much in their vehicle as guys. That's just my observation, anyway.

The benefit of these statistics is that car insurance for women is usually significantly less, especially if the woman has more than 4 years of a clean driving record.

Of course, men can get discounts, too, if they keep their nose clean and maintain an unblemished driving record, but let's face it, we girls deserve a break for a change.

Auto Insurance For Women Discounts

So, how do you get this wonderful discount when purchasing your car insurance for women? Simple, ASK! That's right. Be sure to ask for a discount for being a woman. Often, if you don't mention it, neither will the auto insurance company.

Not only should you ask, but you should also SHOP AROUND. If you can't get a discounted price for women's car insurance at once agency, try a few more.

I always do comparison shopping anyway and get at least 3 free quotes before making a decision, sometimes even more. These are the companies I use.

There are often disadvantages of being a woman in this crazy world in which we live. There are a lot of advantages, too, if you focus on things from a different perspective.  With that in mind, we might as well take full advantage of cheaper car insurance for woman.

Be safe on the roads, and watch out for those crazy male drivers!  :)

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