Car Insurance Agent

Car Insurance Agent

A car insurance agent holds a unique position in the world of auto insurance. 

They represent the auto insurance company to you, and they represent you to the car insurance company.

Basically, dealing with a local insurance agent is pretty much the same as dealing directly with the insurance company itself.

Don't be afraid of dealing with an auto insurance agent. They have the authority to speak on behalf of the insurance company. Any agreement you make with them is legally binding by the insurance company they represent.

The insurance company is considered the principal, and you are the third party. The insurance agent is the middle man, so to speak. He deals with each of these parties on behalf of the other.

Unfortunately, in this world we live in, some people are deceptive and out for what they can get for themselves. They may not care who they defraud in the process.

Because of this, I'd like to offer you some sound advice when it comes to choosing and working with auto insurance agents. 

Check Out Your Auto Insurance Agent

Car Insurance Agent

It never hurts to be a bit cautious!

Before making any final agreement with an auto insurance agent, check him or her out to see if they are licensed to sell insurance in your state, and for the company they are representing.

You can check with your state insurance regulator to confirm these details. Believe me, it is better to be safe, than sorry.

You certainly don't want to find out after filing a claim that your policy is not binding and you are without adequate coverage.  There are people who have discovered this sad fact when it was too late.

Take those few extra moments just to be sure that your car insurance agent is on the up and up - you will probably find out that all is well. At least you will then have peace of mind.

Meanwhile, if you want to check out some online quotes to get you started in your quest for the right insurance company, here's a list of my favorites:

Most of these services will provide quotes from a variety of companies all at once, saving you time.  Once you choose the top couple of choices, you can then contact a local agent (if you prefer to deal with a person one-on-one from your local area). 

Best of luck!

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