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Your car insurance agency should be working with you to provide you with the correct auto insurance coverage for your specific needs.

When you're deciding on an company, you want to be sure to deal with an auto insurance agency you feel you can trust to act in accordance with your contract with them.

When most people think of auto insurance agencies, they are thinking of the actual insurance companies.

Technically, an insurance agent acts on behalf of an insurance company or several different insurance companies.

Car insurance agencies, theoretically, are to be mediators for insurance companies and individual policyholders or policy seekers.

They represent the company (the principal) by finding new clients and negotiating insurance policies (contracts) on behalf of the company.

The agency represents the policyholder (third party) by providing them with specific, detailed, and accurate information about the company's available types of coverage, premium rates, etc.

How Much Authority Does An Agent Have?

If you are dealing with a legitimate auto insurance agency, you can have confidence that their auto insurance agents have the authority to act on behalf of the company they represent. Any agreement you make with them is binding, whether you are approving a policy, or canceling one. It is the same as if you were dealing with the auto insurance company directly.

Similarly, you may decide to deal with an auto insurance broker, or an auto insurance specialist. Again, each of these is a particular type of agent representing one or more auto insurance companies.

I've used brokers and have found them to be helpful, but I always check with more than one to ensure I get the best quotes. If you have special needs, like insuring an antique auto or something similar, you may want to consult with a specialist.

Whoever you choose to help you organize your auto insurance policy, be sure you confirm that they are licensed in your state and working for a legitimate car insurance agency.

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