Car And House Claim

by Andre
(Saint-Hubert, QC, Canada)

Filing A Car And House Claim At The Same Time

Filing A Car And House Claim At The Same Time

This is a really funny story that happened to a colleague of mine who had to file a car and house claim at the same time for a single incident.

I never thought something quite like this could happen...but if it could happen to someone, it would have to be her.

She was leaving early one morning, for work, and she got in her car (It's still dark when she leaves) and started driving forward out of her drive.

Then she noticed something big in the ditch in front of her house. (Keep in mind, we had had a few bear scares this summer in Quebec, Canada).

So she panicked and stuck the car in reverse...and RAMMED HER HOUSE!

She ran into the house now because she thought she had hit something (didn't know it was her house yet) and her husband asked her what happened, he'd heard a loud bang (that being the car making contact with the house).

He went outside and went to the ditch, and discovered a dead dog (German Sheppard). They called the police, and the police said that there had been a big accident during the night...RIGHT IN FRONT of their house...they couldn't believe that they had not heard anything - ambulance, police cars etc.

Anyhow, they were sending someone during the day to clean up the dog mess.

So now, my colleague had a busted fender, had broken her siding on her house, which was done over 20 years no color match possible. :-(

They basically ended up having to re-do the entire facing and siding of the house and getting her brand new car fixed...all for a dead dog!

Good news is she only paid the car deductible...HAHAHA!


Hi Andre,

Oh my word! That is definitely a funny insurance claim. I wonder how many other people there are who have made a car and house claim at the same time. That's not something that would happen every day.

Your poor friend! I'll bet she never lives that story down. :) We females already have to deal with the "woman driver" remarks so I'm sure she gets it more than most.

Well, at least nothing was hurt but her pride.
Thanks for giving us a laugh for the day!

Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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