Car Accident Reports
What Can We Learn From Them?

car accident reports

Car accident reports are the best measures of just how dangerous the roads can be these days.

While traveling down the road at high speeds there are a lot of possible circumstances that can go wrong. 

Fatal car accident reports show that all car crashes happen differently and are based on completely varied conditions and reasons.

Whether it is speed driving, drunk driving, aggressive driving, vehicle malfunction, or some other contributing factor, the reasons behind car accidents are quite varied and some can happen to anyone.

When someone dies as a result of a car crash, a lot of investigation goes into discovering all the details surrounding the crash.

What was the cause?  Who was at fault?  Could the accident have been avoided?

A detailed car accident report prepared by the police in conjunction with the various parties involved will help in determining who or what was at fault and where the liability lies.

Of course, not all collisions are fatal.  In many cases, you might only consider your mishap to be a minor fender-bender.  You may even be tempted not to report such an event to your insurance company or to the police.

In some instances, that's acceptable, but in others it may be illegal.  Be sure you know when a report is required. 

When To File An Accident Report

If you’ve been in a car accident, it's almost always best to file a report, if not immediately, at least within 72 hours following the accident.

Auto accident reports should always be filed when there is more than $1,500 worth of damage to your vehicle or to any other vehicle involved in the accident, when any vehicle is towed, when the accident causes injury or death, or when any other property is damaged.

In some states the legal requirements for reporting and filing differ, so if you're not sure, brush up on your state requirements. 

If you're planning to file a claim on your insurance policy, a police report can be helpful in establishing liability and getting the right compensation.

Findings From Auto Accident Reports

car accident reports

Recent auto accident reports indicate that the most common causes of car accidents these days is DUI or driving under the influence, driver distraction, and over-speeding.

Car accidents caused by driver distraction can occur in many ways.  A driver could be adjusting the radio, using a cellular phone, looking at a map, or simply enjoying the scenery, but the distraction is enough to cause a car accident.

With the rise in digital gadgets in the last two decades, driver distraction accidents are on the increase.  Make it a hard and fast rule that you never use those devices when you are the one behind the wheel.

The Verdict On Car Accident Reports

So, what can we learn from these and other sad reports on car accidents?  Those three recent car accident reports mentioned above have several common features. All three are fatal and killed young drivers or passengers in the 18-24 age range.

This same age range also has the highest accident and fatality rate in all of United States. Drunk driving, failure to use a seatbelt, and hitting road hazards also played a role in the cases.

We need to understand the reality and consequences of driving without following all the best practices.  Our actions affect the lives of others.  We have a responsibility to only take the wheel when we are prepared to take the task seriously and drive with our full attention. 

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