Car Accident Rates
Translating The Numbers

car accident rates

Basic info on car accident rates and statistics show that some types of car accidents are more common than other types.

Why should this matter to us?  What difference can understanding car accident stats really make?  Is all this number crunching worth the money spent on the studies?

I think so!  Although I'm wise enough to know that you can pretty much manipulate numbers and statistics to say almost anything you want them to say, some stats do have their place.

According to recent car accident history records, the top 5 types of car accidents that most commonly occur include drunk driving cases, driver distraction and negligence, high speed collision, highway and freeway accidents, and rollovers.

Simply put, if I want to drastically reduce my chances of being involved in a road accident, I need to be aware of what the numbers say and take appropriate action.

Defensive driving is an important skill and one that every driver should cultivate to ensure their own well being.

You can't control the foolish actions of others, but you can be alert, aware, and ready to react when you are behind the wheel.

Your own safe driving skills and commitment to driver awareness can save your life and the lives of your passengers.  You may even be able to prevent someone else from coming to serious harm as a result of their own reckless driving by your own quick thinking and responsible driving.

Car Accident Rates On Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is considered to be one of the worst and the most fatal type of car accidents, as car accident statistics have shown throughout the years. In 2004, alcohol-related car accidents killed more than 16,000 people in the United States alone.

According to more recent car accident history reports, one person dies of a DUI-related car accident every 40 minutes.  This is a surprising car accident stat because these are the absolute easiest accidents to avoid - just don't drink and drive or let anyone else you know do it either.

Unfortunately, despite the easy prevention methods a lot of people do get involved in drunk driving accidents and most of them happen to be teenagers.  It's truly tragic.  Sadly, drunk driving also results in the highest rate of civilian deaths.

Cell Phone Accident Statistics, Etc.

car accident rates

Driver distraction and negligence is another of the leading causes of car accidents, and I'm afraid this trend is growing rather than diminishing.

Distraction and negligence can come in many forms. Simple common tasks like chatting with fellow passengers, changing the radio station, looking at the map, fiddling with your cell phone, ipod, or ipad, etc., can lead to a tragic outcome when attention is taken from the road.

In fact, even the scenery can be blamed for some accidents.  It may seem hard to believe, but after my husband and I visited Alaska, I could see exactly how that can happen.  The amazing views there are stunning and you can hardly keep your eyes on the road. 

Sadly, driver distraction caused by rubbernecking is said to cause the highest number of car crashes related to distracted drivers. However, cellphone use (both talking and texting) is fast becoming the greatest distraction of all, causing accidents, injury, and death. 

Car Accident Rates On High Speed Colisions

High speed collision is another common type of car accident. The cause?  Quite often it is over speeding. 

Speeding is a typical violation among drivers.  I admit that I like to go fast, too.  Not for the thrill or anything like that, but rather that I like to get between point A and point B as quickly as possible.  Not all drivers who over-speed realize just how dangerous it can be, particularly if weather conditions (rain, snow, ice, fog) dictate that you need to slow down.

Most fatal car crashes that are also accompanied with high-level damages are caused by high speed collisions. But like other types of car accidents, high speed collisions can be easily prevented by keeping within the speed limits and taking care to drive to road conditions.

Car Accident Rates For Highway And Freeway Accidents

Car accident statistics show that highways and freeways are common sites for car accidents especially in the United States where there are an incredible amount of highways and freeways crisscrossing the country.  

Vehicles traveling on such roads are almost always driving at much higher speeds than inner city traffic or suburbia traffic. 

This also means that most of the collisions that occur on these roads lead to fatal injuries including brain injuries, spinal cord, back, and neck injuries, amputation, and broken bones.

Of course, I am NOT suggesting that you avoid driving on freeways and highways in order to avoid accidents.  Just have a healthy respect for the dangers of the main causes of accidents and drive accordingly.

Car Accident Rates For Rollovers

Rollovers are common vehicular accidents wherein a vehicle turns over on its roof or on its side following a collision or a sharp, high-speed turn. Rollovers are hard to avoid, especially since some cars are built surprisingly vulnerable to such incidents.

However, more and more vehicle manufacturers are now building cars that guard against rollovers.  Upgrading the safety features in cars, especially in SUVs, is one way to help minimize this particular car accident statistic.

The Verdict On Car Accident Rates

So, what's the verdict on car accident statistics?  Car accidents are far too common, but some types of accidents seem to happen more frequently than other types.

Educate yourself on the possible causes and the preventive measures you can take to keep yourself and your family safe on the road.  You may even want to take a driver safety course or defensive driving course every few years.  It will keep your skills fresh and reduce your insurance rates while you're at it.

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