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car accident articles in the news

Reading car accident articles all over the web, on TV, and in newspapers are constant reminders that car accidents are not some unheard of and unlikely phenomenon.

The sad truth is that accidents are far too common and happen far too frequently, even in our own neck of the woods. 

No matter how careful we try to be on the roads, the reality is that no one is guaranteed to be completely exempt from the possibility of a car wreck.

Be it newspaper articles on car accidents, TV reports about local or state-wide accidents, or online reports that can be found regarding global traffic accidents, the media is full of news regarding various types and levels of car accidents.

As tragic as it is to hear of any fatal accident, the worst, in my opinion, is when I hear of collisions that occur as a result of alcohol consumption or young people driving recklessly. 

I almost don't like to refer to them as "accidents" because they were easily preventable and, I believe, criminal in nature. 

Car Accident Articles In The News Today

To the right, you can see some of the most recent articles about car accidents in the news.  The feed updates automatically, and you can scroll through the latest listings. 

Unfortunately, literally millions of Americans are in car crashes each year.  Pretty discouraging, isn't it?  

On the bright side, according to the National Safety Council, the number accidents and deaths linked to car accidents decreased during 2009, which are the most recent statistics currently available.

The positive change was attributed to road design, rapid emergency medical response, safety features on new car models, public awareness, and seatbelt use.

Most of the car accidents that occurred were linked to DUI, speed driving, and aggressive driving, which are all quite obviously avoidable incidents when responsible driving practices are implemented.

Despite the improvements, car accidents are still very much prevalent across the country. Here are some recent car accident articles at the time of this writing that remind us of the dangers of the road.

Using Car Accident Articles As Safety Reminders

car accident articles

Although we often tend to lament the fact that it seems the newspapers are always filled with bad news, we can put recent car accident articles to good use.

A news report about an auto accident can be turned into an excellent teaching tool for young drivers.  If used correctly, the facts surrounding a tragic accident can serve to remind us of the dangers associated with irresponsible behavior.

No one likes to be considered a nag by the younger generation, but it's a horrible thing to see so many young lives cut off or dramatically altered due to the consequences of reckless or careless driving.

If an auto accident report in the papers provides specific details about how an car crash occurred, using these news articles can become a very effective teaching tool. 

Don't become a drama queen (or king), but DO use these opportunities to thoughtfully remind the young people in your life (children, students, grandchildren, etc), of the life changing consequences of a split second decision.  It may save their life one day!

The Verdict On Car Accident News Articles

Some accidents are inevitable and unavoidable, but many more or not.  As sad as it is to read the news about tragic auto accidents, we can use these reports to remind ourselves and those we care about to always drive with caution and care.

When you do come across a car crash report in the news, whether on TV, in the paper, or online, take a moment and say a prayer for the individuals and families of those involved.  I'm sure they need it.

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