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Canadian Automobile Association

CAA Ontario Auto Club

CAA Ontario is the Ontario based club of the Canadian Automobile Association and has been helping Canadian drivers save money and get out of tricky situations for nearly a century.

CAA Canada really dates back to 1903 when 27 motorists (some of the first automobile owners in Canada) banded together to try to sway public opinion and opposition to the "horseless carriage."

Back then the organization was called the Toronto Automobile Club, but the name was progressively changed until it became Canadian Automobile Association in 1916. Reading the history of this prestigious group is rather fascinating.

But apart from their interesting roots, what can the CAA North and East Ontario club, and the other CAA clubs throughout Ontario do for you?

The range of benefits offered by CAA is very diverse and slightly different from club to club, but they have many of the same services in common.

Of course, CAA is well known for their superb emergency roadside assistance service. If you've never found yourself broken down on the side of the road, you will be!

Having the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can immediately dial your CAA club and get 24/7 service is invaluable in that moment. Whether you've run out of petrol/gas, your battery has packed it in, you've been in an accident, overheated, punctured your tire, or had some other mishap, CAA will send out the troops and you'll be rescued in no time.

You may have already known that, but did you also know that CAA Ontario offers a variety of other services and benefits to club members? You can save at least 15% on CAA Auto Insurance right off the bat, and if you combine your insurance coverage to include your home, life, etc., you'll get an even better deal.

Even if you already have what you consider to be "adequate insurance," in these times of financial challenge, it doesn't hurt to check out the savings you can receive, knowing that CAA Ontario has been around since the advent of the automobile and you can trust the CAA auto insurance to meet your needs.

Taking a holiday? Get your maps from CAA Ontario. Let them know where you are headed and they can offer you great discounts on hotels, car rentals, vacation packages, and more!

Believe it or not, as a CAA Canada club member, you can even get discounts from many local retailers in your area. Did you ever to think to flash your CAA membership card at Payless Shoes? :~) You're missing out on a 10% discount if you haven't.

The annual membership fee for CAA North and East Ontario or any CAA club in Ontario is less than $100 per year, so you can see that you are definitely getting value for money. Visit CAA Canada today and learn how they can benefit you and your family.

Safe Driving!

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