Bristol West Insurance

by Julie
(Florida, USA)

Funny Bristol West Insurance Story!

Funny Bristol West Insurance Story!

My review of Bristol West Insurance aka Security National...

Not one of my Finer Moments - Okay, I was leaving work on March 27th, 2007, and I backed into another car.

I should mention at this point that I worked for an Allstate Agency, that the person I hit was on his way in to make a payment, and that he was not our customer specifically but the customer of my boss's brother, who is also an Allstate agent.

I had to get out of the car, go back into my office, and deal with the claim.

At that time, I had Bristol West insurance, also known as Security National insurance company. I think I had them about a year or a year and a half when this happened.

I called them from the parking lot and told them about the accident. They spoke with the guy I hit. There were no injuries but my backing into his car pretty much did nearly three thousand dollars worth of damage to his Hyundai, which was pretty new at that point.

It was an awkward situation for me because I am an insurance agent myself, and was not looking in the right place when I backed up.

I was relieved that Bristol West handled that situation as well as they did. From the customer's perspective, he felt that I handled it well, and that Bristol West Insurance was responsive to his needs and helped him get his car fixed pretty quickly.

I don't have Bristol West/Security National anymore because the rate was too high, but I might go back after the accident comes off. They were very nice about the whole thing.

I did get surcharged, because the accident was my fault, but next year it will be off my record, so all's well that ends well.

It really happened!

Hi Julie,

Thanks for sharing such a great story about your embarrassing claim with Bristol West Insurance.

I can imagine your mortification to be an auto insurance agent with Allstate and back into a client in the parking lot. It's a classic.

I had a boss one time back right into me as I pulled into the company parking lot on the first day of my new job. It was too funny.

But you're right. All's well that ends well and no one was hurt and everything was cared for.

All the best for your future driving safety.

~Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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