Best Roadside Assistance

Best Roadside Assistance

If you're on the hunt for the best roadside assistance program, let us help you in your search.

There's a bit of debate and rivalry over who has the best auto club. I can understand that to some degree because we as drivers all want to be sure we're getting the best value for money.

We also want to be certain that should we ever need to make "that" call, a roadside assistant is going to promptly appear and solve our problem.

On the other hand, all of the roadside assistance programs want to claim bragging rights that their roadside assist service is the best.

I try to keep my ear to the ground in this field, so here's my own personal list of favorite roadside assistant services:

Before you go and check them out, let's quickly talk about what a roadside recovery service should offer you in terms of benefits.

Fuel Delivery
Have you ever made the embarrassing mistake of running out of gas and having your vehicle putt-putt-putt to a stop on the side of the road? Believe me, it's worse when you're a woman. It's a tough one to live down. :)

Fortunately, all the best auto club programs include fuel delivery as one of their many services.

It's a shame to waste one of your annual call-out options on something so silly, but if needs must, it's a life saver.

Maybe you can keep it hush-hush and no one will ever know. ;) I promise I won't tell!

Battery Jump-start
Unless your alternator's on the blink, the battery service probably isn't as important as it once used to be. Most newer calls are installed with an automatic shut-off for your lights so that you don't end up draining your battery.

But if you have an older car like I do, you just may need your auto club to dash to your aid if you need a quick jump-start or battery replacement. It's nice to know that it's on the list with the best roadside assistance programs.

Flat Tire Service
If you know how to change a flat tire, you may laugh at the need for this service. My dad made sure we all knew how to change our own tires, but a LOT of people don't have a clue.

It used to be mostly girls who needed help changing a tire, but these days there are a surprising number of fellas who wouldn't know where to begin.

As long as you've got a spare tire, your roadside assistant will come out and put on the spare for you. This service particularly comes in handy for those all dressed up for a special occasion, older folks who might struggle with the weight of a heavy tire, and even a young mom with a carload of kids.

Towing Service
If you've got a bigger problem, like an accident or break-down, you'll save heaps of money on towing if you're part of a roadside recovery service. Most towing services charge hundreds of dollars for even the shortest trip to a nearby location.

A roadside recovery service (costing less than $100 per year) will foot the bill for you. Just be sure you understand their limits. For example, Good Sam Club will tow to the nearest facility even if it's 100 miles away, where other services may only cover 10 miles or up to a certain dollar amount.

Locksmith Service
I've accidentally locked my keys in the car on more than one occasion in my 25+ years of driving. You really kick yourself, but that doesn't do a bit of good.

The best roadside assistance services will send out a locksmith to either open the door for you or make a new key - whichever is appropriate in your situation.

These are the roadside recovery services you should expect with the very basic plan that any of the best roadside assistance companies offer. The rates will start as low as $59.95 per year. An excellent price for an excellent service.

Most companies also have "extras" that you can add on for a few dollars more by purchasing an elite plan of some variety. Check into your options and choose the plan that suits you best. It's money well spent.

Safe Driving!

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