Best Caravan Insurance Policies

Best Caravan Insurance Policies

The best caravan insurance policies are those that are especially designed for caravans or RV's. 

There are a lot of differences in the way cars are insured and the way you want your caravan to be insured. 

If you know that there are differences, you most definitely want to be certain that you're dealing with an insurance company that also knows and understands the differences.

Some people may not realize that a lot of the most well known auto insurance companies will also insure your caravan or motor home. 

Those that do know may not realize that quite often the insurance coverage being offered by the big auto insurance companies doesn't even begin to compare to the caravan insurance policies available from companies that specialize specifically in insurance for caravans, motor-homes, RV's, etc.

Think about it.  An RV is a lot more than just a means of getting from A to B.  It's really a home on wheels, regardless of whether it is temporary or permanent.

What you really need is a combination of home insurance and car insurance rolled into one. 

I personally believe that if you want to get the best caravan insurance policy, you really need to consider a company like Good Sam RV Insurance.  They understand the RV lifestyle like no one else.

Best Caravan Insurance Policies & Provisions

Those who own or travel in an RV have special considerations and provisions when it comes to insurance...

  • Personal belongings coverage
  • Permanent attachment coverage
  • Hitch coverage
  • Cover for emergency expenses
  • Huge discounts for those months when your caravan is in storage and not in use
  • Full replacement coverage for RV's less than 5 years old

Good Sam has all of these advantages and more besides.  One of the things I particularly like is that they allow you to put both your car and your RV on the same policy, saving you quite a bundle of money.

I love saving money on premiums, but their dual policy feature comes with an added benefit.  If you're in an accident where both your vehicle and caravan are damaged, you only pay one deductible!  That is a major plus and gives you even greater savings.

If you have experience with caravan insurance, best policies or worst policies, take a few minutes and tell us about it using our RV Insurance Review Form.  Your insider knowledge will likely be a help to someone else who comes down the road after you.

If you're wondering how much one of those specialized RV or caravan insurance policies will cost you, no problem.  Get a free quote from Good Sam and then compare it to some of the other top insurance companies and go from there.

Get your paperwork done and then enjoy the open road with peace of mind!

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