Best Buy Car Insurance Australia

Best Buy Car insurance Australia

What's the best buy car insurance Australia has to offer?  That depends! 

There isn't one particular auto insurance company in Australia that offers the best prices to all clients, hands down. 

There are too many variables that go into calculating a person's automobile insurance coverage to make one provider the best insurance company for everyone.

Let's talk a bit about what goes into helping you get the best Australia auto insurance at the best price so that you CAN get the best buy car insurance Australia has to offer YOU.


But before we do that, let me just say that there IS a company that is called BestBuy Car Insurance in Australia.

From what I can gather, they service the UK, Australia, and South Africa and the policies they offer are underwritten by A&G (Auto & General Insurance Company Ltd).  

They certainly aren't the premier insurer in Australia, but if that's who you are looking for, they offer a free insurance quote on their website. 

But for those of us who just want to get the best buy when it comes to our auto insurance, here are some tips we should keep in mind...

  • Guard your driving record by always using best driving practices.  Don't speed.  Don't drive after consuming any alcohol.  Do rest frequently while on long road trips.  Keeping your driving record clean is the single most beneficial thing you can do to keep your insurance premiums down.

  • Sports cars or high performance vehicles will cost more to insure.  If saving money on your insurance is a must for you, consider the way the type of car you purchase is going to affect your rates.  Some insurance companies even take into consideration the color of your vehicle.  

  • Multiple policies with one company will give you a cheaper rate.  If you have other types of insurance, like home & contents, life insurance, renters insurance, mortgage insurance, etc, try using the same company for all your insurance needs.  This will bring your costs down by at least 10% and maybe even more.

  • Ask for a higher deductible or excess on your policy.  If you choose a higher excess (the amount you have to pay out of pocket on a claim before your insurance takes over), your premium rates will be lower.

  • Pay your insurance annually in one lump sum.  Some companies don't charge for monthly or quarterly payments, but most do.  Simply by paying your insurance bill once a year, you can bring your premiums down.

These tips are are some of the easiest and most practical ways that you can manage to find the best buy car insurance Australia wide.  Take advantage of as many as you can and shop around to get the right Australia auto insurance for your situation.

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