Bad Experience With Gieco

by CCobb
(Washington, DC)

Have you had a bad experience with Geico?

Have you had a bad experience with Geico?

I just had a really bad experience with Gieco. I am so mad right now I just hope a manager reads this.

First off I have been a Geico insured driver for at least 20 years or longer. I was going through some hard times and was not able to pay my Gieco insurance for 2 months.

Anyway, of course someone hit my car and it was their fault. Police were not called to the accident. I submitted my claim on the 13 November 2009, which was when the accident took place.

OK from then on I had to call Geico almost every other day to check on my claim. I talked to a total of 6 different folks which all told me something different.

Then on 24 November I get a call from Geico saying I was at fault, which is not correct. They did not even investigate, had not talked to the other driver and did not even look at my car. Which was obvious it was not my fault.

Now I am going to have to chalk out $3,000.00 to get my car fixed which is not fair. They did not even do an investigation like they said. When I would call that would be the excuse.

I am very unhappy with "Geico" they suck as far as I'm concerned. They used to be the best insurance to have. Now they are getting a bad reputation, which I see I am not the only one feeling this way about Gieco.

If you ever need an adjuster, don't ask for Eric Williams or Philip Mancini. They were slackers as far as I am concerned and did not help one bit.


Hi CC,

Yikes! It really does sound like you have had a bad experience with Gieco.

It's a shame you didn't get the police involved at the time of the accident so you would have a police report to use as evidence in your case.

I can't stand it when insurance companies take advantage of their customers, particularly long term customers like you.

If you have the information on the other person's insurance and their details (assuming you got all of that at the time of the accident), try pursuing that angle.

Even though you are having a bad experience with Gieco, maybe you'll still be able to get the "at fault" party's insurance to pay up. Does the person who hit you seem like an honest person? Are they willing to admit in writing that they were at fault?

I hope you get some satisfaction and compensation. Thanks for taking a few minutes to tell us about your bad experience with Gieco. I, too, hope a manager or director reads your complaints.

Safe Driving!
~Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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