Bad Drivers Education Instructor

by Sapphi

Experience With A Bad Drivers Education Instructor...

Experience With A Bad Drivers Education Instructor...

I took my driver's ed course in the state of Illinois, which is where I live. It was offline; I went to my town's high school where they were offering the program.

Off the top of my head, I can't remember how long the course lasted, but I'd like to say it was two weeks of classwork and then we all had to drive a few hours with the instructor.

I honestly hated the course, I think because I had a bad drivers education instructor. I didn't really mind learning about driving from a textbook. I got good grades and paid attention.

Of course, they showed us tons of scary videos about kids who died driving, and my drivers education teacher didn't really want to be there, so he didn't really teach. He basically gave us huge writing assignments to do in a time limit. My hand was killing me.

The course was only helpful in that it taught me basic things about driving, like the Rules of the Road and what signs mean and things like that. However, when it was time to drive with the instructor, I wasn't prepared because I hadn't really gone driving yet.

I thought Driver's Education was a class where a teacher shows you how to drive. Instead my instructor was very rude and unhelpful. He also listened to this hideously boring talk radio, which I hated.

He wouldn't tell me where to go and I'd have to ask "What way do I turn here?" and he'd seem frustrated like I was supposed to know my way around the backroads. I guess that's why I say he was a bad drivers education instructor.

The best part was when I was supposed to take my mini "test" to see if I would pass Driver's Ed. I had to do a U-turn, parallel park, and a 3-point turn, none of which I had even practiced with him, from what I remember.

Well, in the case of the U-turn, a big truck happened to be coming at the same time I was trying to do a U-turn, so that didn't turn out great. Then, he wanted me to parallel park, for the FIRST time, between two cars that belonged to PEOPLE IN THE TOWN!

I was about to try when another person started coming and I couldn't complete that one either. Then, finally, for the 3-point turn, I backed into a pole. It's probably obvious by now that I didn't pass Driver's Ed.

I was prompted to take the course because I wanted to learn how to drive. As far as difficulty, it wasn't difficult at all to learn the textbook facts. What was the killer was trying to learn to drive with someone who couldn't care less and would rather make rude comments than helpful ones.

I don't know about cheaper insurance rates, since I still don't have a license or own a car. I'm working on the license, though.

The funny thing is, my 21-year old boyfriend is now teaching me how to drive, and he's done a heck of a lot better than the bad drivers education instructor that was PAID to do it since he actually tells me what to do as I'm driving and gives me lots of tips and stuff that I shouldn't do.

My safe driving tips include always doing the speed limit, even if some jerk is riding you. I also try to make sure everyone is strapped in, and I always stop at stop signs (except for one time I forgot because I was distracted trying to turn, and another time I didn't even see one because IT WAS BEHIND A TREE).


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