Aviva Elite

Aviva Elite

Aviva Elite, also known as the Elite Insurance Company, is a company that deals with insurance concerning leisure and lifestyle products and services.

As a member company of the Aviva Canada Incorporated, Aviva Elite is a company worth trusting.

Aviva Canada has been offering service for more than 100 years, providing insurance to Canadian residents via its huge selection of personal and business insurance products.

Aviva Insurance employs more than 3000 personnel all over Canada for providing easy contact and assistance for customers.

These insurance products are networked through member companies and each are designed to give you support whenever disaster takes place.

Aviva auto insurance specializes in providing coverage for your...

  • custom cars
  • recreational vehicles
  • mobile homes
  • holiday and park trailers
  • and just about any automobile that is built for leisure rather than business

With Aviva auto insurance, you get the maximum benefit for the minimum price. There are add-ons or features that are only possible on Aviva auto insurance.

With Aviva, you can choose your insurance coverage whether you like it to be minimal or as maximum coverage as possible. Settings on your overall insurance cost are affected by certain factors that you set upon application of your auto insurance. You can also lessen the overall cost of your auto insurance by increasing your deductibles.

Discounts on Aviva auto insurance products are also attainable on certain conditions. Having loyalty to the company by renewal of insurance contracts and having multiple insurance for different vehicles are two ways of obtaining these discounts.

Having installed anti-theft devices and maintaining an excellent road profile also contributes to attaining discounts for your auto insurance.

Aviva auto insurance also comes with roadside assistance that will aid you whenever you are in the road and in need of help. Whether you need assistance in directions or want information on lodgings ahead, assistance representatives are available 24/7 and will help you get on your way.

Advice for repairs and maintenance of your car are also available on the assistance program provided by Aviva auto insurance products.

So why is it important for you to have auto insurance? It is required for drivers in most countries but it is also to safeguard your financial needs in the event of an accident.

You should be focused with your recovery or the recovery of a member of your family involved in an accident. Car accidents can be a strain physically and emotionally for the party involved and having the right kind of auto insurance will help you with the bills leaving you assured that for the financial side, everything will be alright.

With accidents happening every day, having Aviva Elite on your side gives you confidence with every turn that you make and each journey that you take that you will be financially secure for accidents coming your way.

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