Auto Insurance Rates For Smokers

auto insurance rates for smokers

Similar to life insurance policy premiums, auto insurance rates for smokers differ from those offered to non-smokers.

Several automobile insurance companies, if not all, offer reduced insurance premiums to non-smokers because they are less likely to have health issues, and are thus not high-risk.

The amount of the insurance discount you can receive varies, but a typical non-smoker vehicle insurance is 5% less than that of a smoker. This may mean that smokers are required to pay $50 more for a $1000 yearly car insurance premium.

Car insurance is a means by which car owners and drivers are able to protect themselves and their vehicle from damages, particularly in a road accident. 

Car insurance companies, on the other hand, want to also protect themselves.

As part of their usual protocol, insurance companies subject car owners and drivers to some scrutiny to determine the appropriate automobile insurance they should charge each individual.

Just as car insurance companies check driving records, they also note the health state of the potentially insured party to determine his or her risk.

Some auto insurers specifically check out, among other things, whether or not the client is a smoker before finally closing car insurance deals.  There are reasons for this.

auto insurance rates for smokers

According to studies, smoking while driving causes distractions. This habit keeps the driver's focus off the road. The distractions, research reveals, ultimately lead to accidents.

In addition, smokers in general have certain behavioral habits that are higher in risk than those of non-smokers. Cigarette smoking inside the car also results in air and glass stains that reduce visibility and increases the possibility of road accidents.

Moreover, a lit cigarette inside an automobile is a dangerous accident waiting to happen. Because of this, if you compare auto insurance rates for smokers and non-smokers, you will usually see a difference in the premiums quoted.

There are however, inexpensive premiums and discounts available even for smokers. It is important not to settle for just the average auto insurance rate offered by average car insurance companies. Opt for the best auto insurance rates for smokers and get the coverage that specifically addresses your needs.

Here's a list of several places where you can get free online insurance quotes:

Take note, however, that smoking is one lifestyle choice that may cost you over thousands in automobile insurance payments over the years. To be in a better position to qualify for premium reductions, you need to cut the smoking habit that is hurting your finances.

High auto insurance rates for smokers are one of the inescapable hidden costs linked with the habit. This reality underscores that the consequences of lighting up a smoke stretches beyond the cost of buying it.

Being a non-smoker gives you an edge and lets you save money on your car insurance, among many other personal finances. It may be high time to kick the habit.  Good luck with that!

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