Auto Insurance Rates By State

Auto Insurance Rates By State

Auto insurance rates by state vary due to individual circumstances, vehicle details, and exact location within your state.

Wouldn't it be great if there was just one big chart that you could scan to see how much insurance costs in the various states across the country? 

No such luck!  There has been some minor research done based on small amounts of data to get a general idea of which states tend to have the highest premium rates on average.

I don't completely trust the results because the sampling of customers and regions per state were far too small. 


Having said that, you can still conclude that the calculated trend is fairly close to accurate, at least for getting a general idea of where car insurance is the most and least expensive.

So, who's paying the highest insurance premiums in the USA?  According to reports, that would be the folks living in the state of Louisiana.

Lousiana insurance rates are the highest on average, but they are followed closely behind by Maryland, Rhode Island, Nevada, Arizona, Washington D.C., New York, Connecticut, and California.

Which states have the lowest car insurance rates?  That would be Idaho and Maine, along with Vermont, North Dakota, North Carolina, Minnesota, Virginia, Utah, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Are you surprised?  You may wonder why the auto insurance rates by state can be more than double in some cases.

One of the most obvious reasons is population and density.  Some states have far fewer residents per square mile than others and the roads aren't so busy.  This usually means that there are fewer accidents.

Fewer accidents mean fewer claims, which in turn means lower risk to the insurance company and lower premiums for the drivers in those states.

Of course, there ARE other considerations besides the obvious.  The insurance laws of each state contribute to the calculation of insurance costs.  Some states require higher limits, others mandate lifelong medical coverage for those affected by an accident, and others put restrictions on what kind of cases can be taken to court.

I seriously doubt that anyone is going to actually move to a particular state for the sole purpose of getting cheaper insurance rates, so I would simply encourage you to look for the best deal you can get wherever you happen to reside.

With a little research, you can find low-rate auto insurance companies that offer the best quality auto insurance services to vehicle owners at the most affordable prices.

Take advantage of free quote services like these to see what kind of offers you get in your own location:

Once you've got your best quotes in hand, familiarize yourself with the various additional discounts you may be eligible for and then contact the low rate auto insurance companies you are considering and see if you can get the premiums down even further.

They may surprise you by how low they can go if you push them.  :)

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