Auto Insurance Australia

Auto Insurance Australia

Let's talk about some auto insurance Australia basics that will help you get the right Australia car insurance for your needs at the best price possible.

If you are living in Australia and you are shopping for car insurance quotes, then you probably already know that the best venue to find the best policy is online.

Checking the internet, you will find quite a few websites that provide Australia car insurance quotes. If you are aiming on getting the cheapest auto insurance in Australia, then you need to do your homework first.

Specifically, I'm speaking in terms of doing further research about car insurance service providers, car insurance coverage types and policies, and the laws that govern car insurance in Australia.

As you begin gathering information about auto insurance in Australia, you will discover that all vehicle owners and drivers are required to have a minimum amount of insurance in order to register their vehicle.

Some states call this a "Greenslip" and others refer to it as CTP or "Compulsory Third Party" insurance. 

Driving without a greenslip or CTP can and will land you in big trouble if you happen to get caught in a traffic violation or engaged in an accident. You can even be caught out during a random breath test or other random traffic check.

You can be jailed, charged with a lot of penalties, have your vehicle impounded, and/or have your driver’s license suspended. It's just not worth the risk to drive without proper insurance and registration on a vehicle you are driving.

Of course, that type of auto insurance Australia liability coverage only covers the medical expenses of others you may hurt during an accident of your causing.  It doesn't cover you or any property damage (yours nor others), which is why you need more car insurance for that.

Auto Insurance Australia

In order to purchase Property Damage and Comprehensive insurance to cover both your own personal property and liability if you hit someone else, you'll need to find an Australian insurance company to meet your needs.

The cost of your coverage will be determined by the area in which you live, the type of vehicle you drive, your age, your gender, your marital status, and your driving history. 

In spite of those unchangeable basics, you can still negotiate a better price for your annual premiums by shopping around.  It really does work!  I just put it to the test a couple of weeks ago by insuring my own vehicle and saving over $50 in the process, just by comparison shopping.

Determine what type of insurance you need and then take a few minutes to get some free quotes before making your final decision.  Companies will try to "outdo" each other in order to get your business.  Use that to your advantage.  Good luck!

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