Understanding The Auto Claims Adjuster

auto claims adjuster

Wondering how to deal with an auto claims adjuster for your car crash claim?

Let us help you make your car accident compensation claim more successful by helping you understand the role of the insurance claims adjuster and how they operate.

If you've been in a car accident, you have my sincere sympathy. I've been in a few myself over the years, and although I've thankfully never had serious injury to contend with, the whole experience can still be pretty traumatic.

Once you've reported the accident to the relevant insurance companies, it's the job of the auto claims adjuster to negotiate the settlement of the car accident compensation claim.

In a perfect world, the adjuster (on behalf of the insurance company) would simply offer you an honest and fair amount to cover your loss.

Ideally, you would be no better and no worse off than you were before your accident.

We all know that we're NOT living in a perfect world!

For that reason, you have to look out for your own interests.

  • Do a little homework.
  • Understand the perspective of the insurance adjuster.
  • Determine the value of your damages so you know what you are aiming to achieve.
  • Know what to say and what not to say.

All Auto Claims Adjusters Are NOT Created Equal

auto claims adjuster

Let me start by saying that not every insurance adjuster is out to cheat you. People are people in every profession. Some are honest and want the best for others and some are only thinking of their own best interests.

I've had both positive and negative experiences dealing with claims adjusters. They were representing different companies and probably had different pressures on them as a result.

They also would bring their own personal moral code to the negotiating table, which I believe is significant in determining what kind of experience you end up with.

Realize that insurance companies stay in business by not having to pay out as much as they take in. Makes sense! However, SOME insurance companies will accomplish this by trying to pay the least amount possible on a claim, rather than what is just and fair.

One way they may do this is to pressure their adjusters to find ways to avoid paying out on claims or to pay as little as they possibly can.

Sadly, I've heard too many stories of car accident claims adjusters trying to manipulate the accident victim into saying something that can then be twisted in a way that would jeopardize their claim.

Some companies offer incentives or bonuses to their adjusters for keeping claim costs down. In these instances, that can't help but be in the back of the mind of an adjuster when dealing with customers.

Knowledge is power! By understanding the responsibilities of the insurance claims adjuster and what you may be up against, it can help you stand your ground and/or keep your lip zipped when you need to. :)

Learn more about dealing with your auto insurance claims adjuster to get an honest and fair car accident compensation claim.

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