Auto Car Insurance Rental

Auto Car Insurance Rental

Don't spend extra money on auto car insurance rental costs if you don't have to.

It's worth taking the time to find out if you already have coverage before paying for additional rental car insurance. 

Do you have full coverage on your personal vehicle? If you do have both comprehensive and collision coverage, there's a pretty good chance that your auto insurance will carry over to the car you are renting.

Of course, you don't want to assume that this is true for you!

Although it is applicable in most cases, it is your responsibility to check with your insurance company to find out if your current insurance would fully cover you if you rented a vehicle.

Some companies include insurance on car rentals automatically, but others offer rental insurance as an "add-on."   Do you know for certain which category you fall into?  Find out before you go to rent a car, because it isn't worth the risk you'll be taking if you don't have the coverage.

Even if you don't have full coverage on your personal vehicle, you may still be able to avoid the cost of high insurance rates from the rental company!  Here's a second option for you to consider.

Credit Card Perk ~ Rental Car Insurance

auto car insurance rental

Do you have a major credit card? Most of the major credit card companies these days offer car rental insurance if you charge the rental of the vehicle to your credit card.

Again, let me emphasize that you should double check to be certain your card has that bonus feature (I like to call it a "perk"). You probably do, but you don't want to take the chance and find out after you've had an accident with your rental vehicle, or maybe had someone bash their shopping car into the side of it.  That would NOT be a cost you are going to want to pay out of pocket. 

Rental companies do charge a small fortune for the auto insurance coverage if you don't have it already covered yourself. It is certainly worth your time and effort to use insurance you may already have rather than pay twice for the same thing (Ooh!  I hate when that happens!).  :)

If you happened along this page because you were looking for auto/car insurance rental information in relation to having your insurance PAY for a rental car (after an accident, for instance), that's a different type of coverage entirely.

You definitely want to have rental car coverage specifically written into your policy.  It's not costly at all, and well worth the little extra you'd pay should you ever find yourself in need of renting a vehicle because yours is out of commission.  You can read more about rental car coverage here.

Safe Driving!

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