Auto Accident Claim
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Auto Accident Claim

Filing an auto accident claim can be extremely stressful! 

There are times when dealing with the claims aspect seems worse than experiencing the accident itself!

That's not always the case, but I do hear enough horror stories that it gives me a strong sympathy for everyone whose car accident claims are not going as smoothly as they ought.

Some insurance companies are just notoriously difficult to deal with.  It seems their goal in life and business is to pay out on as few claims as possible.  :(  It doesn't even seem to matter if the claimant is a client of theirs or whether they were the victim of one of their clients.

The problem really gets sticky when you've got a car accident injury claim which includes doctor's bills, hospital bills, ambulance bills, loss of wages, etc. 

Personal injury claims can be difficult to determine the right amount for settlement.  You may not know what you are entitled to claim, or perhaps how to prove your losses and ensure that you get fair compensation.

The auto accident claims calculator is a good place to start.  It will give you a general ballpark figure that you can work with and you can then adjust your expectations accordingly. 

There are also a few really good resources written by professionals in the insurance and legal industry that can help you get the most for your car accident claim.

These books are all very useful in providing you with the information you need to deal with an auto insurance adjuster confidently.  You'll learn what phrases to use and which to avoid.  

You'll understand your legal rights and the obligation of the insurance provider in compensating you for your losses, both physical and mental, as well as property damage.  I know that they will be of big help to you.

Having said that, probably the most important steps you can take is to make sure you have everything documented!   The more facts and evidence you have at your fingertips, the stronger the position you are in to negotiate a fair and adequate car accident claim.

In this age of modern technology, there is no reason why you can't have photo and possibly even video documentation as well to prove your case.  Most people carry a cell phone with them and can easily take pictures of an accident scene, skid marks, sign placement, etc.

Get and keep every detail so that you'll have it for your reference when it comes time to file your auto accident claim.

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