Assurance America Corporation Review

by Danielle Gusoski
(Mobile, AL, USA)

Customer Assurance America Corporation Review

Customer Assurance America Corporation Review

I'd like to give you an Assurance America Corporation Review.

I have only been with Assurance America Corporation for 3 months now, and luckily, I have not been in a wreck yet.

I am a little disappointed with them already though. I am having financial difficulties and was not able to get my payment in on time so I just received a prerecorded call today.

It said my insurance has been dropped and after paying additional fees it can be reinstated when they receive the payment.

I guess I could expect that from any other insurance company but I believe one of the best ways to improve customer service is to make the customer feel you care and want to help them and not just want their money.

Even a live representative call from one of the Assurance America agents would have showed that, more than just the prerecording.


Hi Danielle,

Thanks for telling us about your experience with Assurance America Insurance so far. I'm sorry to hear that you had such poor experience so far.

I'm guessing that most insurance companies react the same way if they don't receive payment. Some of the more established companies may have a bit more grace, particularly if you've been a client for a long time.

You are obviously new to the company, so that wouldn't work in your favor. Do your very best to build up a good history of timely payments and no claims so that your premium rates with Assurance America will come down.

I guess I'm assuming that you decided to stay with them. If not, let us know how it all played out and which insurance company you have now.

Safe driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

Comments for Assurance America Corporation Review

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Mar 22, 2010
Rip Off
by: Anonymous

They took over $200 to renew my policy. then cancelled my policy for no reason and are giving me the run around about trying to get it back

Mar 23, 2010
Renewed Then Cancelled?
by: Angie

Was the RipOff comment made by Danielle? I'm trying to follow the story line and don't know if this was her or another Assurance America customer. :)

If Assurance America took your $200 renewal fee and then canceled, they would be obligated to refund any unused portion of the premium.

They are not allowed to keep your premium without providing you coverage.

Am I misunderstanding the situation?

Jun 01, 2010
Pissed Off
by: Anonymous

I was in an accident with one of their clients, and no one called me back about getting a rental car. I called them several times left messages that I needed a rental car. I had to miss work two days because I had no car. I was stressed out and pregnant. I'm so glad I don't have this insurance. IT SUCKS!!!!!!!

Sep 16, 2010
Dysfunctional and avaricious
by: Isaac

They increased my premium from $40 to $341 because I changed my car. I quickly swiched to a different insurance company and promised myself not to "Ever have anything to do with Assurance America again".

Sep 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

I was involved in a car accident with someone who had this company. My accident was almost a month ago. Myself and my son were injured. I have yet to get my car repaired or get compensated for this accident. The adjuster never answers the phone nor will they let me speak with the supervisor. I will be contacting the insurance commisioner of Ga.

Oct 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

Ok People i got in a car accident few days ago. i have called this insurance so many times left voice mails and everything. No one has called me back at all this is the ins i have the other persons ins called me and started a claim.As soon as im done with this issue im going cancel my policy. Horrible people to deal with first time i ever started to talk to them in the phone and they act like they know everything BS they all suck. Lisen to me DO NOT GET ASSURANCE AMERICA ok i do pay a good price but now that i got in a accident look where they left me my own ins left me in the corner hasn't even called me or anything they SUCK BAD.

Dec 20, 2010
Assurance America snail processing
by: Pissed inTX

My daughters car was hit by a drunk driver on OCT29th. The owner of the other car(assurance america) was on the passenger side of her car, while her DUI boyfriend was driving(two witnesses placed him in car). We were told initially they were paying for it so we took in to shop. A week later they stated they were not liable because the driver was not on the woman's policy. So we asked for a letter of denial so my uninsured motorist can cover it, then they go after the woman to pay for the damages. We are told the letter was being processed and will be sent to my insurance. Now, we are being told there is an investigation being done because the boyfriend (who is in jail and being tried for 3rd DUI) is asking for proof she signed some document. The woman is still saying she was driving despite what is on the police report. Assurance America also stated they had to investigate that, but I have already sent them the police report. The woman did nothing to initialize this or report it to her insurance. I DID...
My daughters car is totaled, we are out $1000 for a rental car and bodily injuries. The Assurance America Adjuster help so much then stop returning calls, so I called his manager. All they need is to verify the documents that the woman signed. From what I know it is another company Assurance America brokers for. So beware when dealing this company. We are still waiting for them to complete the investigation which is a joke, they are just stalling. At this point, they just need to make a decision... By the way, my daughter has 4 children, no car and has to make it to work. All we here, is " We are so sorry"... Well the adjusters, just needs to cut me a check, and when they pay it to me, I will reimburse them back....

Dec 20, 2010
They Screwed Me
by: Justmyluck

The other day I was stopped for a minor traffic violation. The police officer approached, addressed me by my name and informed me that my drivers license had been suspended. Could have impounded my car and hauled me off to jail! Instead, chose to take my license and unscrewed my plate and wrote me a ticket for suspended license for no insurance. This, after I have been insured with Assurance America for nine months. Back three months ago, I missed the deadline for my insurance payment for a day and was promptly reinstated the next day. No matter, they reported a no insurance to my State and I have been driving for three months with a suspended license. All because Assurance America was negligent and failed to maintain my reported information in a diligent manner. Significantly, they could not admit a wrong doing and chose to lie to me laying blame on a police department instead of offering me some form of recompense for my out of pocket costs and needless suffering and aggravation.

Mar 05, 2011
never again!
by: Laura Logan

This company has the worst customer service in the world! I purchased a car in 2007 and I was stuck with them @ the car dealership. I admit I did not know any better. I have documents to prove that I was sent a note for my premium and after a month my premium would go up 5 dollars or so. Five dollars or so it is not a fortune, but when I inquired the customer service agent just said this was an error. Ok! I am in customer service and I try not to make e errors when funds are involved, and guess what, if I quote wrong rate, I have to honor that!
I had the misfortune of hitting a dear and the company offered me 1000 dollars less than the Kelley’s blue book. These people have an answer for everything. At some point my claim agent said that she will meet my price half way, her supervisor said this is not possible, that the claim agent has no authority to offer this.
Bottom line I would never recommend this company to my friend and to anyone. I felt that they took advantage of the situation and I just want to report these people somewhere. Currently I am looking to see where I can report them, and I want to make sure I said this loud and clear: from the customer service to supervisor these people are despicable.

Apr 18, 2011
Worse Company To Deal With !
by: Anonymous

Stay clear of this insurance they will cancel your insurance in a second and you will be driving around without car insurance and not even know what happend.When you have an accident forget about them being in a hurry because it will not happen.If they want to answer your calls after fifteen times maybe but do not count on it.Non proffessional to say the least.

Jun 09, 2011
Fraudulent Practices
by: Upset and Angry

Assurance America took money for two months out of my checking account without my authorization.
This amount was $74.87. I did everything they told me locally to get my money refunded. The clerks was rude and unprofessional.

I was instructed by the corporate office to sumbit a fax, routing and checking number. I did.
Still no refund. I called again and was told a different story about they needed a copy of my bank statement. I did this. Still no refund.

I called on June 6 and was told a check was mailed. When asked for check number, I was told I needed to have my bank launch an investigation.

I don't mind giving my name if they would contact me.

I asked for a supervisor. Sandra Henry came on the phone, apologized for my misfortune and told me that I had to contact my bank and have them to launch an investigation in order to get my money.

I have contacted the Florida Insurance Commisoner.
This is the worst experience.

Jul 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

My vehicle was struck by a customer of Assurance America. I wasn't even contacted by the adjuster for three weeks. Finally, after a MONTH and many, many voicemails left for her, my car is in the repair shop, but apparently, I HAVE TO PAY FOR MY OWN FREAKING RENTAL CAR, and then hope to hell I get reimbursed. This company is the WORST, and I pray to never EVER have to deal with them again.

Sep 06, 2011
do not use this company
by: Anonymous

i was involved in an accident with one of their customers it had been three weeks and the adjuster refuses to answer or return my calls. i left message everyday never returned call. finally called today said they were mailing a check to body shop. i informed body shop of this they said they do not get check usually til all repairs are done and i sign off on them. something fishy going on here. even body shop said company is real shady.i asked for rental car they said i had to pay out of pocket and they would reimburse me up to $26.99 a day,problem is you can not rent a car that cheap much less a truck that cheap in texas.bad customer service shady practices.

Oct 30, 2012
Please don't get hit by their customer!!!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

What a nightmare! We have had the displeasure of dealing with this insurance company for almost 4 weeks now and no results yet. Their policy holder was at fault and the accident report indicates it. No word from the adjuster because their investigating the accident. Investigating what ?? Their client ran a stop sign and banged my wife's car with my 10month old son in the car. And now they are trying to say my wife is partially at fault because of where the damage is located on the cars. Claiming she should have avoided the accident. They don't even know what reaction time my wife had or where the impact took place in the intersection. Plus it had been raining and the roads were wet. Their policy holder was cited for the accident and they're stating that doesn't determine liability. If their customer did commit a violation then the accident wouldn't have happened. The accident could have been worst than it was, if my wife didn't avoid the impact as much as she tried. Sounds to me this company has no respect for life, health or laws.

May 22, 2014
BAD,bad,bad NEW
by: Anonymous

Awful, Awful, Awful, Awful this company is really bad. My wife had an accident with one of their clients, their client hit my wife and received a ticket, he was completely at fault, police report said so without reservation. I filed a request for diminished value furnished 22 pages of documents all supporting my case. First they ignored me but finally called and said my wife was 20% at fault however refused to pay any amount and said I was to furnish documents to support my claim, even after furnishing 22 documents, they would not tell me what documents were required. My claim is for $2133 this issue has become more than just money to me I will be their worst nightmare, I will file complaints with all agencies in all states, and will take them to court, the judge will decide if they pay or not. Anyone that gets their insurance with them or has to deal with them is asking for trouble.

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