Animals Are Out To Get Me!

by Christy

It Seems The Animals Are Out To Get Me...

It Seems The Animals Are Out To Get Me...

I might hold the record for the most claims caused by animals.

The first was when I was sitting at a red light and a Great Dane ran into me. He ran away, but managed to leave behind about $1200 worth of damage.

The next was when I was driving down the road in my neighborhood and a cat fell out of a tree and landed on my windshield - scratching it with his claws the entire way down.

Then, a large water bird (a crane maybe?) somehow fell on my car and dented the hood.

Overall, I think animals have done about $5000 of damage to my car! Luckily, I have a great agent with a good sense of humor!


Hi Christy,

I'm not sure if you hold the record for the most animal caused insurance claims, but you may hold the record for the most unusual animal caused insurance claims! :)

In the US, there are a lot of claims as the result of hitting deer (or Moose/Caribou in Alaska). In Australia, kangaroos are the most damaging species.

But, Great Danes, cats, and cranes must surely be ranked as very unique and funny insurance claims, indeed. At the rate you are going, I'm wondering which species is going to batter your vehicle next!

Glad to hear you have such an understanding insurance agent. Have your insurance rates gone up after all these claims? I hope not!

Watch out for the lions, and tigers, and bears - Oh my! :)

~Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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Bizarre causes for vehicle damage and accidents
by: Anonymous

Though you seem to have bad luck with animals, stranger things have happened resulting in damage to vehicles. Car insurance companies hear plenty of bizarre stories like these.

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