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Amica Mutual Insurance Company, commonly known as Amica Mutual by its clients, offers large-scale insurance coverage to policyholders all over the country.

As its name suggests, Amica is owned by policy holders instead of stockholders.

Amica Insurance Mutual, as it is also called, has been operating for over a century. Established in 1907, the company offers insurance coverage that includes homeowners, automobile, marine and personal umbrella liability policies.

Amica Insurance's main office is located in Rhode Island. This company has consistently topped consumer satisfaction ratings for 8 years. While this insurance provider independently operates, it has five of its related companies offering particularly different insurance policies and premiums.

Insurance companies in general advocate that people should avail of insurance products now more than ever. Of course, they would, wouldn't they? =) However, with the growing instances of accidents and weather troubles, there is no better time to insure a vehicle or a home than today.

Amica Insurance Mutual's products include auto insurance for basic land vehicles; marine insurance for boats such as yachts or watercraft; life insurance with specialty sub-products that include life retirement; and home insurance that is flexible enough to cater to homes, condominiums and rented place.

The Amica company has varied policy structures on a state-by-state basis.

Amica's roots trace that a key element to the company's success is quality service. Of course, Amica takes advantage of their earned reputation to dangle this unmatched customer care before clients a century later.

Amica has given priority to offering fast and quality service in this day and age when decisions may be made with just a mouse click.

On par with the excellent customer service it claims, Amica also offers easy payment plans. Amica insurance company offers various payment methods as options, in order to make bill payment uncomplicated every time.

Amica policyholders can keep track of the policies they own by checking their accounts online from the comfort of their homes. Proof positive of its claims, Amica Insurance Mutual, the oldest mutual insurance firm in the United States, holds a track record of keeping satisfied policyholders for up to 20 years or more.

Amica Insurance Mutual assures policyholders and prospective clients of the company and its subsidiaries' financial stability. Amica and its related companies do business with a strong and strengthened capital position, increased assets and financial gains.

Insurance industry analysts have consistently ranked Amica as one of the highest insurance providers in terms of ability to meet obligations to clients.

Indeed, when car troubles, accidents, home wrecks, or even old age comes, having a solid insurance company as back-up allows you to heave a sigh of relief.

If you think that Amica Mutual may be the best insurance provider for you, you can find more Amica information by checking out the company's official website.

Reviews from other customers are usually helpful, too, in knowing what a company is really like.  It doesn't hurt to ask a friend or a relative about their services if they've dealt with Amica, but we've got Amica reviews from real customers.  Read Amica reviews or add your own...

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