Amica Mutual Insurance Co.

by Stephanie
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Benefits of Amica Mutual Insurance Co

Benefits of Amica Mutual Insurance Co

I got my car insurance through AMICA Mutual Insurance Co. about six months ago.

Amica Mutual was one of the only companies I called that were willing to insure both me & my boyfriend (both of our cars) under the same policy without requiring that we be married.

You would think it would be easier to do since so many people live together without being married these days. But I found out otherwise.

Anyway, the Amica car insurance sales rep I talked to was very accommodating from the start. Even though it ended up being maybe slightly more expensive than other insurance companies, I really like the convenience of having everything on the same policy. (Including our renters insurance!)

Plus, Amica Ins. have an installment payment plan that doesn't cost any extra to pay my Amica premium in installments. I've had other insurance companies charge me finance fees for each installment...which adds up!

I did file a claim with Amica Mutual Ins., and they were really easy to work with. I was able to take my car to my favorite auto repair shop and they coordinated with the shop to inspect the car.

I also have rental car coverage so Amica took care of the rental reservations for me. They also called me to verify payment information and sent me summary paperwork when it was all done.

I feel like they did a better than average job handling the claim. My repair shop said AMICA was a little slow getting back to them about questions, but from my end, the whole thing was done really smoothly. (I guess the moral of the story is to have good car insurance AND a GREAT repair shop!)

I'm staying with AMICA Mutual Insurance Co. for now since my policy doesn't run out for another six months. I would definitely recommend AMICA Ins. to friends & family.

Like I said, Amica Mutual Ins. might cost me slightly more than other companies but I feel that getting the coverage I want (our two cars on the same policy) is worth it.


Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for your review of Amica Mutual Insurance Co. You brought up an interesting point.

Funny, but I hadn't really thought about the difficulty of getting two people legally unrelated placed on the same car insurance policy. I'm glad you were able to find someone to offer you what you were looking for.

It's nice, too, to hear that, although you had to file an Amica Mutual Insurance claim already, you found the process virtually painless. You seem to have found yourself a good Amica Insurance agent.

I hope your claim won't cause your rates to rise next year. Fingers crossed!

Thanks again for sharing your experience with us.

Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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