American Family Mutual Insurance Company
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American Family Mutual Insurance Company

Are you familiar with the American Family Mutual Insurance Company? The American Family Insurance company goes way back to 1927.

When most people think of the American Family Insurance Co., they usually think about car insurance.

Yes, of course, American Family provides auto insurance, but they have a whole line of other insurance options in an effort to meet all of your insurance needs.

Some of the products and services offered by the American Family Mutual Insurance company include insurance for your home, farm, ranch, business, and retirement plans.

They also have life insurance, health insurance, and umbrella insurance.

Here's a bit of a breakdown of some of the "non-auto" insurance coverage available through the American Family Insurance Co.:

  • American Family Home Insurance provides an array of policies for homeowners, including condominium owners’ insurance, mobile, manufactured homeowners insurance, and renters insurance.

  • American Family Umbrella Insurance has personal liability insurance, commercial liability insurance, and farm and ranch liability insurance. Umbrella protection is good to have in case of lawsuits against your home or personal belongings, business property or farm. Some people end up losing everything they have due to one unfortunate accident. You don't want that to be you!

Universal Life Insurance can be purchased up to the age of 80 years old, and has a death benefit up to age 100.

  • American Family Life Insurance consists of Term Life Insurance plans, Universal Life Insurance plans, and Whole Life Insurance Plans.

  • American Family Health Insurance has a variety of policies to choose from, including a high-deductible health plan that is HSA qualified, major medical, short-term medical, and a Medicare supplement.

  • American Family Business Insurance offers plans for condo associations, renters, auto service/repair companies, offices, religious groups, restaurants, retail/wholesale companies, and contractor/service providers. This insures any business-related buildings or land and provides liability coverage, such as medical expenses, due to accidents that occur on business property. Again, although you may never end up having to use this type of insurance, it's a real lifesaver if you DO end up needing it.

  • American Family also offers retirement plans that range from a deferred annuity to an immediate annuity to and IRA and even retirement plan rollovers. If you're considering a retirement plan, speak to one of the American Family agents specializing particularly in the retirement field and find out what option would be best for your particular financial circumstances.

  • Finally, American Family Farm and Ranch Insurance covers a house, sheds, stables, barns, machinery, farm animals, and farm equipment in case of fire, hail, smoke, frozen pipes, lightening, defamation, etc.

    If any perils cause you to move out, American Family Mutual Insurance Company will cover the cost of temporary rental fees, debris removal, swimming pools, and more. You can even get supplemental coverage for personal property, earthquake damages, increased liability, additional accident protection, etc.

    In addition, American Family Insurance Co. also offers liability coverage for bodily injury and medical bills for owners, employees, children, and livestock.

As far as full range insurance is concerned, it's obvious that American Family Mutual Insurance Company is quite extensive. Don't forget that by having more than one policy through American Family Insurance Co., you will be eligible for a range of discounts. If you decide to pursue coverage with AmFam, be sure you are getting the lowest prices possible.

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