American Family Insurance Logo

American Family Insurance Logo

The American Family Insurance logo is pretty simple but effectively gets across the company message.

You'll notice the only graphic is a single sloping red line to depict the roof of a house. The American Family insurance official slogan is, "All your protection under one roof."

The message the AmFam logo is trying to convey is clear. You can combine all of your various types of insurance and have it handled by one company and in one place. There are advantages and disadvantages to this concept.

I love the advantages. Savings! In most cases, when you combine your auto insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance, health insurance, etc. with one company you will receive significant discounts for multiple policies. I'm a big-time penny-pincher, so those savings really appeal to me.


However, there are disadvantages to consider. If you have all of your eggs in one basket, well... know the rest of that story. With all of the instability in today's economy, we run the risk of having a seemingly stable company collapse.

If you have all of your policies with one company and that insurance company goes under, you will lose the investment of your premiums all at once. You have to decide for yourself if you feel the risk is worth the savings.

I've been seeing a clever American Family Insurance commercial lately. The commercial doesn't include the American Family insurance official slogan, but is geared more toward promoting American Family car insurance. Have you seen it?

A group of men and women are carrying a car through town on their shoulders. As they pass down the street, another local American Family Insurance agent dashes out of an office to help carry the load.

The American Family Insurance commercial gives the impression that everyone that works for AmFam has your best interests at heart and will work together to be sure you get what you need.

If they can maintain that quality of service in real life, there's no reason why they couldn't and wouldn't have a loyal following of insurance customers. What do you think of the American Family insurance logo and services?
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