American Family Insurance Claims
What's involved in filing a claim?

American Family Insurance

American Family insurance claims can be filed by those who carry an insurance policy with American Family insurance.

Of course, if you've suffered damage or loss by someone else who is covered by AmFam, you would also be entitled to file a claim with American Family Insurance, though this is usually done through your own insurance company.

To avoid an American Family insurance lawsuit, it's pretty important that you follow some basic steps in the event of an accident.


Some people prefer to keep small incidents private and make arrangements directly with the person involved in the collision.

You CAN do that in some instances, of course, but you run the risk of being contacted by an American Family insurance agent, lawsuit pending.

Even the seemingly "nicest" people these days can turn around and make false claims against you after the fact. If you have no evidence to confirm "your side of the story" you could end up having real problems.

A friend of mine was recently in a very mild fender bender. She lightly rear-ended someone when they started to pull out and then changed their mind at a busy intersection. She knew she was at fault. They didn't call the police, but just traded information, assured each other that everyone was fine and that it was no big deal.

Over the next couple of months, she was informed by her insurance company that the other party was suing for much more than the small dent in his bumper. They were claiming severe injury, medical bills, loss of work, etc.

This was a clear case of someone trying to take advantage of an unfortunate minor accident. Sadly, it happens all the time. That's why it's so important that if you are in an accident, no matter how small/minor, that you protect yourself as much as possible by following a set procedure:

  • get the other person's license and insurance details
  • take photos of the vehicles (particularly the damage) and the other driver and passengers
  • get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any potential witnesses
  • call the police and have an official statement taken and report filed

I know it may seem a bit unnecessary in certain circumstances, but it's better to be safe than sorry. There's no real guarantee that you will completely avoid that call from your American Family Insurance agent, lawsuit in hand, but at least you will have a paper trail to help in your defense.

Have you been involved in an American Family Insurance lawsuit? If so, I'd like to hear about your experience, good or bad. Please take a few minutes to tell us about it.

Filing American Family Insurance Claims:

American Family Insurance Claims

There is a very general process to follow when filing American Family Insurance claims.

  1. First, you report the claim.

  2. Next, you will be contacted by an agent and your claim will be reviewed.

  3. Finally, your claim will be processed and completed, hopefully quickly. :)

(For auto claims that you are afraid might result in an American Family Insurance lawsuit, you should contact American Family Insurance at  1-800-692-6326  immediately.)

When reporting your American Family Insurance claim, make sure that you have the details of the accident at your fingertips. You'll need the date, time, place, details, and all other parties’ contact information.

An adjuster should get back with you in a day to discuss repair options. Even if you have a deductible, American Family can still talk with a repair shop in order to help you get a check to use after your deductible is met, up to one year later. Unfortunately, you will have to meet you deductible, even if the accident wasn’t your fault.

In order to have your vehicle repaired, you can take it to a drive-in shop, a pre-approved shop, or have a shop write you an estimate. Please be aware that in the case of motorcycles, not everything is covered. Here are a list of exceptions unless you have specifically purchased coverage for these particulars:

  • trunk
  • saddle bags
  • custom paint
  • sissy bar
  • custom chroming
  • fairing
  • cowls
  • side panels
  • engine covers and all similar devices
  • luggage rack
  • highway bars
  • extended fork
  • side car
  • sound recording or reproducing equipment including their tapes, discs, and all similar devices for use with sound equipment
  • trailer
  • custom seat
  • windshield

Purchasing an additional policy will cover these items if you want to spend the extra money on your insurance. A friend of mine had a VERY expensive bike with a ton of chrome and didn't have it covered. Unfortunately, someone pulled out right in front of him and his bike was totaled, not to mention his body. He's STILL fighting the other guy's insurance company for his damages. If you're riding something spiffed up like that, consider getting coverage for the extras.

Other types of American Family Insurance Claims:

In the case of business claims, you should either call American Family Insurance or your agent. Be sure to watch out for safety risks, do your best to prevent more damage, keep track of how much repairs have cost you. If you take out things that can be cleaned or fixed, make sure that you contact your claim representative so they know about any items you wish to claim as ruined, and double check your policy for more explicit information.

Try to get an estimate of the damages from a contractor. Also, be sure that you make a list of damaged items, with brand names, model numbers, when it was manufactured, how much you bought it for, and where you bought it. In the event that your business is not able to continue to function, ask your agent about business insurance or additional coverages for costs.

If your home is damaged and you believe you qualify for American Family Insurance claims, follow similar measures that a business does (listed above). Temporary living costs may be paid for. Contact your mortgage company to find out about their guidelines. If you have any ruined or missing items, make sure you keep everything you can and fill out an American Family inventory sheet that identifies the item, dates purchased, costs, and brand names.

Your compensation will be met with Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost Coverage.

Report any person who is hurt (including names, addresses, and phone numbers).

For more information regarding rentals, recreation vehicles, or health insurance, just contact your local American Family Insurance claims department for the specific details they need in your particular situation.

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