Allstate Motorcycle Insurance
May Be Just What You Need!

Allstate Motorcycle Insurance

Allstate motorcycle insurance is one of the many options available when searching for discount motorcycle insurance.

Most of the top insurance companies in America do offer bike insurance these days, so it's really a matter of finding the one that's right for you.

There are different considerations, of course, depending on your age, experience, location, and type of motorcycle, but Allstate offers some pretty tempting options that might help tip the scales for you in their favor.


Not only does Allstate offer a range of discounts that you might be eligible to claim, but they also offer some interesting special features that might be perfect for you.

Let's start with the discounts, shall we? 

Discounts are always of great interest to me because I hate paying more for anything than I absolutely have to.  All of my friends will vouch for that! :)

Like with most companies, you'll easily earn yourself a discount for having multiple policies with Allstate.  If you've already got your auto insurance or home insurance with Allstate, adding your motorbike insurance is a logical choice because it means instant savings.

If you happen to have more than one bike in the family, insuring them both with Allstate let's you get another chunky discount on your premiums.

Of course, Allstate is always looking for new customers, too, so even if you're not currently insured by Allstate, they'll give you an instant 10% discount if you make the switch.

Have you been thinking about joining one of the well known motorcycle organizations (BMW, AMA, HOG, Honda Riders, Road Riders, etc)?  Your membership entitles you to another discount at Allstate, so join away.

Keeping a good clean driving record for 5 years will allow you to drop your premiums by another 10% and if you taken a motorcycle safety course in the last 3 years you'll save 5% more. 

As you can see, when Allstate says "discount motorcycle insurance," they really do mean discount motorcycle insurance!

Allstate Motorcycle Insurance Special Features

Now that we've got the discounts and savings all thrashed out, let's look at some of the special features for bike riders available with Allstate motorcycle insurance.

Beyond your typical insurance coverage needs, Allstate has a few "extras" that you may want to squeeze into your budget.

  • Waive the first accident - If you're an insured Allstate motorcycle customer for at least 4 years, and then you happen to have an at-fault accident, they promise not to raise your rates as a result.   Do read the fine print because there are some stipulations, but it's a nice thing to know you won't be penalized after years of good driving.

  • Coverage for your custom accessories - Allstate knows that a lot of riders like to add extra equipment on their bike to suit their needs.  Those add ons aren't automatically covered in most motorcycle insurance policies.  Allstate does include $1000 worth of coverage for extras in their standard policy, but if you've gone hog wild, you can purchase coverage for up to $30,000 of added equipment.

  • Guarantee for getting genuine replacement parts when needed.

  • Gap Coverage - This is vital if you still are paying off your bike.  You don't want to total your ride and then still end up having to pay off the loan!

  • Towing Coverage

  • Reimbursement for a necessary rental 

Well, what do you think?  Does Allstate motorcycle insurance sound appealing to you?  Why not ask for a free quote and see how they measure up against your other options. 

We'd also like to hear your experiences in dealing with motorcycle insurance companies and claims.  Add your personal reviews here!

Careful on the roads!

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