Allstate Is Not Good To Deal With

by Scott Tieman
(Portsmouth, OH)

Dealing With The Allstate Insurance Company

Dealing With The Allstate Insurance Company

In my experience, Allstate is not good to deal with!

I filed a claim with Allstate Insurance when my vehicle was rear ended by a girl with Allstate.

So far, it has been 34 days and I can't get anyone to return my calls or get this claim settled.

They sent an adjuster to me after making me get my own estimate. I knew they would not use my estimate but that was the only way they would start a claim. They have given me the run around ever since.

The offer they gave me for the vehicle was way under book price. The adjuster called me when he was given the price and said he thought the offer was too low also.

My vehicle was a company vehicle that was used every day. This wreck has cost me a lot of money by not having this vehicle to use. Allstate is still not getting anything done after 34 days.

Their motto is "You're in good hands with Allstate". This is a bunch of crap! This is the absolute WORST insurance company I have ever dealt with.

I would not recommend Allstate to anyone!

~Scott T.

Hey Scott,

So sorry to hear that you've had such a nasty experience with Allstate. I guess you could look on the bright side and be thankful that they aren't YOUR insurance company. :)

Sorry! I don't mean to make light of your situation because I know exactly how frustrating and maddening it can be to have to waste your time over and over again and literally beg for what should be dealt with in a fair and timely fashion.

It's been over 20 years since I had to deal with Allstate first hand due to being hit by another Allstate customer, but thankfully I didn't go through the drama that you've been enduring. Sometimes I think it is the luck of the draw with the agent or representative you happen to get.

Regardless, I sure hope you get this mess sorted out soon and are paid the fair value of your loss. Come back and let us know the end result if you happen to think of it.

Safe driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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