Allstate Insurance

by Bryan Schwaderer
(Spokane, WA)

Washington Allstate Insurance Customer Review

Washington Allstate Insurance Customer Review

My entire family had been with Allstate Insurance for years and had nothing but good service.

Unfortunately, the rates kept rising and rising, especially in comparison with the other insurance providers.

We shopped around and ended up switching to Safeco; their service isn't as good, but we simply couldn't afford the rates to stick with Allstate.


Hi Bryan,

Thanks for sharing your experiences with Allstate and Safeco. It's a shame that Allstate lost you as a customer.

Did you call them and tell them that you were going to switch to Safeco because of the better rates? I ask that question because sometimes you can get them to come down on their rates if you have a competitive insurance quote from some other insurance provider.

I don't blame you for going where the rates are cheaper. In this economy we have to save money any way we can.

Auto insurance is required by law, so we've got to have it. But we don't have to pay the price to the highest provider. Hopefully you'll never have to file a claim with Safeco so that the switch won't affect you negatively.

Of course, you may end up being pleasantly surprised and discover that in a pinch Safeco insurance comes through for you. I sure hope so.

I wonder if any of our other visitors have had some experience with Safeco that they could share, whether good or bad.

If you've used Safeco as your car insurance provider, take a few minutes to use our automobile insurance ratings form to add your own experiences to our list of insurance reviews.

For that matter, tell your experience about ANY auto insurance company you may have used in the past. The more car insurance reviews we get from real customers, the better future visitors will be able to evaluate the different companies and make a wise choice when determining which insurer they will use.

Thanks again, Bryan, for the Allstate insurance review.
Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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