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A Review of Allstate Insurance Company

allstate insurance company

The Allstate Insurance Company is not the oldest car insurance provider in the US, but it's close.

Allstate was founded way back in 1931, and generally speaking has a fairly good reputation.

As one of the oldest property & casualty insurance companies in the United States, Allstate helps over 17 million people to insure their vehicles, their home, and their lives against catastrophe.

Their auto product, titled Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company, was designed to be more competitive in the current marketplace.

Their goal is to do this while still maintaining the sense of security that their consumers have grown to expect from its nearly 15,000 agents in the United States and Canada.

Allstate Fire & Casualty Insurance Company auto line replaces the closed company, Allstate Property & Casualty Insurance Company as the new preferred auto line, or simply, line 10.

This line includes discounts for Safe driving, Anti-theft device, Anti-lock brakes, Airbags, & Home Ownership. AFCIC also now offers a discount for consumers who wish to pay their insurance in full for the six month term, rather than paying monthly.

Allstate Insurance Company For Teens?

If you have teenage drivers in your house who go to school full time and have a grade point average of at least 3.0, they can earn the Good Student discount.

There is also a teenage defensive driving program at Allstate, called Teensmart, which is offered through a CD-ROM and taken online.

This not only helps teach your young drivers how to drive more defensively to decrease the likelihood of accidents, but it also decreases your premium.

Allstate Insurance Company For Mature Drivers

allstate insurance company

For more mature drivers, Allstate offers a 55 and Retired discount and a Defensive Driving Discount.

This is true of many of the more well known companies, so be sure to ask about this additional discount if you are eligible, but haven't been granted the extra savings.

If my memory serves me correctly, I believe that Allstate is the insurance provider for those who are members of AARP The Hartford, which focuses on additional benefits and services for those who are 50 years or older.

Credit Checks & Allstate Insurance Company

Most of the brand name insurance companies run credit prior to issuing a policy, but what many consumers do not realize is that your credit, or Financial Stability score, is run on only one credit bureau, Trans-Union, and so the inquiry itself will not bring down your traditional Beacon score in any way. Your credit report will show an insurance inquiry but your score will remain intact.

How is credit scored at Allstate? Allstate uses a combination of Debt to Income Ratio and Current Credit Status, to determine, using their software, what your credit algorithm is, on a scale of 1-16. The lower the score, the better your credit is apt to be.

But if your credit comes up around an 11 or 12 initially, there is no need to worry, because Allstate will let you re-run your credit, once you have had the policy for a period of one year, provided you call the toll free number 1-800-Allstate, at least 45 days prior to renewal. This is important, for if you call sooner than that, the change will not take place on your policy until your next renewal period.

Allstate Insurance Company Additional Services

allstate insurance company

In addition to Auto Insurance, Allstate also offers a wide variety of property & casualty products such as Boat insurance, Motorcycle insurance, Flood policies, RV Insurance, Renters Insurance, Golf Cart policies, Commercial Auto Insurance, as well as a wide variety of financial products through Lincoln Benefit Life.

Allstate Motor Club is the roadside assistance program, offered only through Allstate, which helps you to get back on the road more quickly, after your vehicle has broken down. It offers more extensive services than what you can add onto your traditional auto policy.

Coverage on a Roadside Assistance plan for Allstate Motor Club includes towing to a specified location of your choice, 24 hour towing toll free, Fuel Delivery, Battery re-charge, Lockout service, among other benefits. Ask your local Allstate Agent for details.

Traditionally, one of the main underwriting guidelines for the preferred insurance company, is for a customer to come into Allstate already having at least 10/20 Bodily Injury Liability on their previous policy. They would need to have at least 12 months of previous insurance with no lapse with a carrier that belongs to CLUE, the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange.

This means that if you have an accident with Geico, it will be reported into CLUE, and will show up on your Loss report for the next three years, no matter what company you go to.

Allstate will generally allow you to have up to one incident per operator per vehicle in a three year period and still qualify for the preferred rates.

Allstate Insurance Company Accident Forgiveness

Speaking of accidents, have you heard of the new accident forgiveness package you can add onto your policy? It’s called Your Choice Auto, and it works in three ways.

  1. Accident Forgiveness for Multiple Accidents

  2. Safe Driver Bonus - up to 5% of your premium returned to you in the form of a check every six months you do not have an accident.

  3. Safe Driver Deductible Rewards - your collision deductible is reduced by $100.00 by adding this feature (Platinum package) to your policy, and $100.00 comes off your collision deductible every twelve months you do not have an accident.

  4. Identity Theft - will recompense you up to $25,000. In expenses to reclaim your identity after it has been stolen from you.

In addition to all of these coverage choices, Allstate agents generally perform what is called a "Coverage Check up." An Allstate agent will look at your current policy and work with you to determine your current needs based on the answers you give and help you to figure out the most cost-effective Allstate Insurance Company coverage for you.

Dish The Dirt On Your Insurance Company!

Most people hate spending money on auto insurance. But if you have to spend the money, you want to be sure you are getting the best deal possible.

You expect good customer service, prompt attention to claims, and help when you need it. Are you getting this from your automobile insurance provider?

Praise or punish your insurance company here. Your input will be a help to future insurance consumers who want honest opinions rather than the company line. Go ahead, rant or rave!

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