Allstate Insurance Claims

Allstate Insurance Claims

Your Allstate Insurance Claims can be handled online in most cases to save yourself some time and remain convenient to your schedule.

Here's how Allstate auto claims work...

Anyone who has an Allstate insurance policy for their car or home, or even an Allstate life insurance policy, is eligible to make a claim.

Claims can be filed directly on the Allstate website or you can give them a call if you're the type that likes to talk to a live person.

I have to admit that I'm a bit "old school" in this regard. I like to talk to someone and be reassured that I've got all my bases covered in a situation like an auto accident claim.

After that, I'm all for the ease and convenience of monitoring my claim status online, or keeping in contact via email, etc.

Allstate Insurance Company offers services 24/7, for online customers, so it's much simpler than trying to catch someone during your own business hours.

Just remember to stay organized when you prepare to file a claim. Allstate has a handy worksheet you can download to help you do this and ensure that you haven't missed or excluded any important information that could delay your settlement.

Basically, when you file an Allstate insurance claim, you will asked if there are any injuries or any medical expenses as a result of possible injuries to you or others in your car.

They will also want to know if there are any damages for which you are responsible to pay, where your vehicle is located now, what exactly happened, and whether or not anything was stolen.

Since every claim is one-of-a-kind, the time it will take varies from one person to another.

Keep in mind you will also have to meet your deductible and Allstate will only pay the rest of the claim. In case you've forgotten, an auto insurance deductible is the amount you elect to pay upfront before your insurance kicks in. The higher you choose to make your deductible, the lower your premiums will be.

If your car is smashed up too badly so that it costs more to repair it than the vehicle is worth, the insurance company may elect to "total" the vehicle.

In this case, Allstate will pay you out on the value of the vehicle (up to your policy limits) excluding your deductible, of course.

If the car is going to be repaired, you should try to work with the repair shop that Allstate recommends. If you're feeling worried that your insurance premiums will rise if you file a claim, you might want to consider getting Accident Forgiveness Insurance.

There are pros and cons to filing Allstate auto claims. On the negative side, your premiums may increase, your policy might be canceled or not renewable, and you might lose your no claims discount.

On the positive side, filing an Allstate insurance claim may protect you if you discover further damages or injuries later or a claim is filed against you.

Your Allstate insurance policy may be able to help you with any legal fees you may face. If the worst should happen, you'll know when you receive a summons or complaint against you.

In cases of damage or theft, be sure to file a police report. In some state's it is required by law that you file a police report if the damage is over a certain dollar amount. You should make yourself familiar with your own state laws on this matter.

Should you decide that the pros outweigh the cons and you file a claim, you then need to wait for an Allstate Adjuster to come and inspect your vehicle before making any repairs. In some cases Allstate may ask you to go to a particular repair shop for estimates or to get a couple of different quotes without sending out a company adjuster.

If you don’t agree with the Adjuster or repair shop report, or have further questions, contact Allstate again and discuss your concerns with them.

I hope this information will help you have a general understanding of Allstate insurance claims and how they will affect you.

Safe Driving!

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