Allstate Does Not Want To Pay

by Tonie Bean
(Dawson Springs, KY)

Allstate does not want to pay me for my accident claim.

Allstate has given me a run around since October and now it is the end of November. I would like to know why!

I have a claim number and all the proper paper work needed for this accident. What is going on?


Hi Tonie,

Well, the truth of the matter is that no insurance company "wants" to pay, of course. They'd like to keep as much as they can for their own bottom line. :)

However, some are worse about giving fair payouts than others.

It's really difficult to comment much on your situation since you didn't really give us very many specifics about your claim.

How did the accident happen? What were the circumstances around it? Were other vehicles involved?

Is Allstate your insurer or the insurance provider of another driver? What are they saying about why they aren't paying out?

My advice is to be a squeaky wheel. Keep hounding them daily until you get the results you want. If they absolutely refuse to pay up, and you are quite confident that you deserve compensation, you may have to take the drastic measure of contacting a car accident lawyer to put a little pressure on the company.

You can usually find an auto accident lawyer who will take your case without money up-front. They will wait for payment until you get paid.

I know it is unpleasant to have to go that route, but if they leave you with no option, it is well worth considering.

I hope you get it sorted out with Allstate and that they do finally pay your claim. Let us know how it all works out.

Safe driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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