Allstate Customer Service

by Ken

Allstate Customer Service Reviews

Allstate Customer Service Reviews

I called Allstate Customer Service to change policy agents.

A. I have been on the phone >20 minutes and still counting.

B: English is not this guy's first (or maybe any) language.

C: I have said "say again" over ten times.

D: I think he works by the hour.

E: If the company thinks this guy is a bargain, they are wrong.

F: Still holding...


Hi Ken,

Oh dear! I hate when that happens! Did you ever get it worked out to your satisfaction?

I try to have a bit of patience and compassion when dealing with these call center employees when it is obvious they are not even in the US. I know it's not THEIR fault, and that they are just doing their job as best they can, but....'s just so frustrating! I can't stand it when I can't even understand what they are saying. I totally blame the corporation (in this case Allstate Insurance Company) for putting us in this situation.

When a US company resists the temptation to use overseas call centers just to save money for shareholders, they get BIG brownie points in my book and I'm much more apt to use and refer them.

Well, I guess we've shared a rant here. :) Let me know how it all ended up for you.

~Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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Mar 24, 2010
foreign help
by: Anonymous

he eventually surfaced, total time was about 35 minutes.... the company does not care whether I change agents, I guess. Frankly, my dear....

Mar 25, 2010
Signs of the Times...
by: Angie

What a shame. Signs of the times I guess. You'd think with all the competition out there, Allstate would be a little more careful with their paying customers. ;)

Nov 23, 2012
I Hate Allstate!
by: Angela Cret

I hate Allstate and here are the reasons why...

The accident was not my fault.
They want to declare my car a total loss.
They did not reimburse for my car rental.
They keep refusing to reimburse me for the fair market value of the car. They offered less than half of that. I will not be able to find a car for that money.

They did not answer ANY emails.

I reported them to the Georgia commissioner of insurance.

Nov 23, 2012
Dealing With Allstate Customer Service
by: Angie from

Hi Angela,

Sorry to hear of the dilemma you're in with Allstate's handling of your claim.

You didn't mention whether Allstate is your insurance company or the company of the other driver.

If they're not your insurance company, talk to your own insurer and see if they will help you put pressure on Allstate to give you a more fair settlement.

If Allstate is your own provider, perhaps you can try contacting someone else higher up the chain in Allstate Customer Service. Don't just give in without doing all you can do to get an adequate settlement.

I would not rely on email contact, as that is so easily ignored. Keep phoning them and pestering them until you speak to someone who can handle the matter to your satisfaction.

Reporting companies to the Insurance Commission is always a good idea when you feel you are being treated unfairly. Unless people stand up for their rights, nothing will change.

Hoping for the best eventual final outcome for you!

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