Allstate Customer Service Review

by Gifted

Allstate Customer Service Review

Allstate Customer Service Review

How's this for an Allstate Customer Service Review by one of our visitors? They wrote...

"I telephoned my agent over 2 years ago because I had a question about my condo owners insurance. To date, September 12, 2012, I am still waiting for a call back. Needless to say, I am no longer with Allstate for my condo.

Approximately two months ago, I received a call from the same agents office to verify information on my life insurance policy.

After she verified the information, I asked her a few questions which she politely replied that she would have to call me back with the information. Two months later and of course I am still waiting for a call back.

I eventually contacted the life department directly and received answers to my questions.

So ladies and gentlemen when you see an ad that implies you're in good hands with Allstate, that very well may be true BUT you are definitely not in good hands with the licensed non-service oriented, un-knowledgeable people they have chosen to represent them.

The seasoned agents have been in the business too long to start over and are just riding the renewals and the newer agents don't have enough knowledge about service or the industry to maintain a viable book of business.

I think the best way to ensure you new agents thrive as an agent is to buy a book business and service the clients; retention, retention, retention.

I have shared this Allstate customer service review with many people and NEVER have I received a surprising stare."


Hi Gifted,

Thanks for the Allstate customer service review. It's a doozie! I have noticed in recent years that customer service overall in most cases has declined, not just in the insurance industry.

Is it just the fact that our modern society is losing the basic courtesy that goes along with good customer service? I wonder.

You'd think simple common sense would override everything else and businesses would really train their staff to a high standard of customer service for the simple reason that it would bring them loyal and long-term customers.

Well, I guess common sense isn't very common any more.

Thanks again for your story.
Safe Driving!
Angie from

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