Allied Driving School
The Right Choice For You?

Are you wondering if the Allied Driving School is the right choice for you, or perhaps your teenage child, to receive the best driver training?

That's a tough question to answer for several reasons.  One of the main reasons is because there are a number of companies who go by that name in various locations. 

To my knowledge there are at least two different Allied driver training schools in Southern California.  One of these driver education companies is located in the Los Angeles area and the other company has two offices - one in San Jose and the other in Woodside.

I also know of an Allied Defensive Driving School in Virginia.  They seem to cater more for those who are trying to get rid of a traffic ticket from their driving record, but still, the name fits the category, doesn't it? 

We can safely say that the name "Allied Driving School" is pretty common, and it's not limited to the USA. 

There's an Allied in the UK, as well Australia, and who knows what other countries might be able to make the claim.

California Allied Driving School

I suspect that most of the readers who come to this page are looking for information about the California based Allied Driving Schools.  They've been around for about 30 years so are probably the most well known. You'll find them here:

  • 1064 Lincoln Ave *
    San Jose, CA 95125
    (408) 972-4591

  • 2995 Woodside Rd Suite 400 *
    Woodside, CA 94062
    (650) 368-2200

  • 607 N. Virgil Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90004
    (323) 660-7355

*These two are the same organization with two locations and they seem to have the longest history and highest endorsements.

Does that mean they are the best choice in helping you to hone your driving skills and make sure you're ready for your driving test?  Maybe, maybe not. 

I've read both positive and negative reviews about both companies and I'm not convinced I can make a confident endorsement without having had the chance to deal with the companies in question directly.

I would suggest that you give them a ring and see what kind of an impression you get by talking about your options.  Ask about guarantees, expectations, costs, flexibility, etc.


If it's the Virginia based Allied Defensive Driving School you're looking for, they have classes in both Glen Allen and Midlothian, but only one Saturday per month  (last I checked).  To find out more details about the when and where, give them a call at 804-380-0088. 


And finally, for our friends in the UK, you can contact the Allied School of Motoring in Banbury at 0500 026 092 to discuss your options.  They seem to have the most professional set-up and can offer you a lot. 


As you might imagine, I'm quite interested in hearing from those who have had an actual experience with any of the outfits who are going by that name, regardless of location.

Your help will assist other future drivers in evaluating whether or not they should pursue the same course with a particular company.  Please share your drivers ed review of Allied below.

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