AARP Safe Driving Course

AARP Safe Driving Course

The AARP safe driving course is offered to society’s valued oldies, particularly ages 50 and up.

Although it is younger people who need to hone their driving skills the most, the retirees ought to be adept with defensive driving, too.

Given the risks associated with more and more reckless drivers on today's roads, lessons on safety measures for those of us who are aging are always a good idea.

AARP stands for American Association of Retired Persons. This organization has the objective of helping older people to resolve issues regarding road safety and protection.

Reality tells us that as we age, we begin to experience slower reflexes, weary muscles, less clear vision and some minor degradation of senses here and there. None of us like to admit it, but facts are facts.

For this reason, AARP driver safety focuses on the age group of 50 years and older to help them make the necessary adjustments to compensate for these natural setbacks.

There is an AARP driver safety class in several states. You can find out more details on the locations near you by visiting the AARP website. They even offer a new online AARP safe driving course if you prefer not to attend an AARP driver safety class in person.

An AARP driver safety program usually costs roughly $16. It can be completed within in 2 days with a daily class that last for 6 hours. The entire course would tackle recapping of road safety tips that each person is expected to know.

It also has lessons to enable those aging to recognize, accept and adjust to the changes in their physical and psychological capacities. The lessons also include strategies to reduce the impact of injuries sustained from accidents.

Participants in the AARP safe driving course will also learn how to deal with their insurance companies when road accidents occur.

How successful has this program been, you ask? The AARP driver safety program has had 9 million participants, and counting. According to the organization, about 1% of American senior citizens are joining yearly.

Traffic authorities and insurance companies attest that a significant reduction in road accidents among older people has become notable, and attributed to the AARP safety driving program. Insurance companies also offer the perk of premium discounts for graduates of the AARP Driver Safety Program, particularly auto insurance companies like AARP The Hartford.

An extra benefit? Studies also show that in general, about 80% of the graduates feel more competent with their driving skills.

Take the AARP safe driving course and see if it can change your life as it did the rest. Of course, there is no limit to what you can learn. With knowledge of driving basics and more tucked under your belt, you will be confident enough to hit the road. If you are at a stage in your life when you feel like you need to stay home to be safe, think again.

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