AARP Motoring Plan
Helps You Prepare For The Worst & The Best

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The AARP motoring plan is a popular insurance plan for most seniors. Do you know why?

Members of the American Association of Retired Persons range from 50 years old and up. This age group comprises half of the motorists who are on the road!

It's no secret that the dangers of road accidents are the greatest risk factor when compared to all other forms of travel.

Because of this simple reality, it's no wonder that seniors want quality protection at an affordable price. That's why AARP was designed in the first place - to cater to the specific needs of mature drivers.

How much protection will the motoring plan with AARP offer, you ask?

The good news about the AARP motoring plan is that it offers huge discounts on multi-unit, multi-policy, and preferred operator policies as well as discounts for taking courses on driving and motorcycle safety.

Needless to say, serious injuries often result when vehicles collide whether they be trucks, autos, or motorcycles. Recovering from a serious accident takes time and costs money; hence, it would be hard for you to pay for this amount by yourself especially if you are already approaching retirement and on a fixed income.

AARP theHartford offers insurance that will provide you with the utmost care when you happen to meet road accidents. The plan will assist you in paying for your medical expenses for sustained injuries, as well as for repairs and maintenance of your vehicle or motorcycle.

In addition, AARP travel discounts are among the highlights of an AARP membership. Upon retirement, so many American seniors fulfill a lifelong dream to travel the country. You are now free to do so as your work obligations are ended. Go for it!

When you begin making plans for your journey, you will definitely be considering the best mode of transport, whether it be by RV, automobile, plane or cruise, right? With AARP travel discounts, you can get major savings on budget tours, flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and cottages.

Aside from offering different member benefits and discounts, AARP theHartford also provides a wide range of services and advantages linked to the interest of its members, including health, food, travel, entertainment, relationships, politics, money, work and technology.

Furthermore, the AARP organization encourages their members to do community service by attending and volunteering on charity works, particularly in the AARP foundation.

With endorsement from AARP, the Hartford insurance company is designed to serve large communities of seniors who seek for a reliable company that can provide auto, life, and property protection. Hartford has various policies designed to cater to AARP members, so you are certain to find one that's just right for you.

The AARP motoring plan is worth considering and including in your insurance policies, especially if you fall into the category of those who want to hit the road and do some traveling.

Your membership with AARP promises to offer you security for life and property, as well as valuable price reductions on travels and rentals. Take advantage of these AARP travel discounts and enjoy the earned benefits of being 50 years plus. You deserve it!

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