AARP Motorcycle Insurance
...What You Should Know

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AARP motorcycle insurance is a popular choice for motorists who are above 50 years old but still like to get around on their motorcycle.

The American Association of Retired Person (AARP) proves its popularity by having over 30 million loyal policyholders.

About a third of AARP's members are between 50 and 60 years old. Do you believe that half of the motorcycle riders in the United States comprise of this age group? Quite a surprise, isn't it!

Maybe that's because you get to that age in life where you can afford to indulge in life's pleasures a bit more, like traveling around on your favorite motor bike. ;)

Of course, some people might claim that it's really because we tend to go into our second childhood when we hit 50! :) What do you think?

Generally speaking, motorcycles are considered a dangerous vehicle to operate since the only reliable protection that you may have is essentially your helmet.

Because of this, a great possibility of grave injuries will result from road accidents. For that reason, a reliable company to help in times of unfortunate accidents would be of great help.

Having AARP Motorcycle Insurance might be just what you need to give you (and those who love you) a little peace of mind and provide you with financial protection for your risks while on the road.

AARP motorcycle insurance features up to 50% Multi-Unit discounts, discounts on other policies, and Safety Course on Motorcycles, among others.

AARP Hartford Auto Insurance Company offers services on issues regarding your car or motorcycle and on dealing with road accidents. Many policyholders have testified that they have saved a large sum of money when they took advantage of AARP Hartford's free auto insurance quote.

AARP services are listed below:

  • A decrease in your premium if you and the rest of the policyholders on your account have a clean record on the road for the previous 5 years.

  • Lifetime membership for as long as you can still drive and comply with their requirements.

  • If you have maintained a record of non-involvement with road accidents or reckless driving, you can get $150 discount on collision deductibles. The deduction is continued every year for as long as you have been keeping your record clean, and reduces by $50 until your deductible down to zero.

  • Payment of your expenses involving services like gardening or cooking, and on transportation like car rentals when you happen to have been injured from a road accident.

  • A rate protection for 12 months, as compared to other companies which services only reaches until the 6th month.

  • Customer service assistance that is available 24/7. This is to ensure that the company can assist on accidents that involve their members at any time of day or night.

AARP auto ins is credited to have set a new trend in making clients secure in their investments. The many benefits offered by AARP auto ins, particularly the low-cost premiums, are well known among its members. AARP guarantees to offer more options for you to meet your car and driving security needs.

AARP motorcycle insurance has served a huge population of senior riders as policyholders for years now. For these policyholders, AARP's vast and practical policies are their basis for sticking with the insurance company.

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