AARP Life Insurance Program

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The AARP life insurance program was designed to help provide security and peace of mind during your senior years.

The AARP refers to the American Association of Retired Persons. It is a non-profit organization established in 1956, founded by Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus.

The AARP organization is aimed at addressing the needs of individuals who are over 50 years old and older. Insurance is just one of the many services in the AARP programs.

AARP is not the actual life insurance provider. They team up with affiliates and contract out to providers to meet the needs of their members.

Just like AARP Hartford auto insurance is affiliated with The Hartford Insurance Company, AARP life insurance has it's own affiliate provider in the New York Life insurance company.


Life insurance isn't a necessity for everyone.

If you've positioned yourself financially so that in the event of your death, your family will be financially cared for, you probably don't need to bother paying for the added expense of life insurance.

However, if you've got a mortgage, other debt, and no savings or secure income for your family to rely on, you may decide that the expense is well worth it to know that your family won't be further devastated if the worse should happen.

If you decide you want life insurance, the options vary depending on your coverage choice. You can choose term life insurance or whole life insurance (permanent insurance), with variables in each sector.

Although the AARP life insurance program through New York Life offers you discounts on their policy premiums, that doesn't mean they will definitely offer you the best possible price you can get. You may still want to invest a little time in shopping around. 

An AARP life insurance quote with its product information can be obtained from customer representatives at (800) 554-9142. They can give you the details on the guaranteed products such as AARP Permanent Life, AARP Level Benefit Term Life, AARP Guaranteed Acceptance Life and AARP Young Start.

New York Life does not offer an online AARP life insurance quote. They believe that each person needs to talk to a representative in person rather than fill out a generic form. They like to help you get exactly the right policy for you. Whether you should choose individual or group coverage, for example, depends on what's suitable for you and your specific needs.

An AARP supplemental insurance is something extra that offers you coverage options that are not typically included of your premium. If you wish to gain the benefits of AARP supplemental insurance, just follow the steps below:

  • It is important to read over and understand what the premium offers.

  • Decide whether you will take the term or the permanent life insurance. To contrast the two, the term only covers privilege within a certain period while lifetime insurance program provides lifelong security.

  • Call for an agent to help you with the basics on getting started.

  • Choose a suitable monthly payment plan for paying your premium, or ask about discounts for paying annually.

Will I be able to fulfill life's demands without my spouse? What will happen to my family when I die? These are some of the questions that you think of more often as you age.

The AARP life insurance program works with you hand in hand in promoting security for yourself and your family, as well. There are inevitable circumstances that may come along the way, so take the prerogative to review any offer and find a trusted ally for a lifetime.

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