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The AARP Hartford car insurance partnership is offered for members of the American Association of Retired Persons.

The Hartford Company, which boasts its two-century stability, offers a special feature specifically targeted to those who belong to the age bracket of 50 years old and above.

In partnership with the AARP, Hartford provides more comprehensive features and policies to help seniors manage risks involving their health, life or property.

Of course, here we are mostly interested in discussing the benefits of their auto insurance services.

How can an AARP auto insurance quote benefit you? In my opinion, the best benefit is the financial savings.

There are quite a few companies that will offer discounts on insurance to AARP members, but the "main" partner endorsed by AARP is the Hartford insurance company.

The AARP Hartford car insurance plan particularly helps secure your car under these terms:

  • If you have maintained a no-accident and no-violation driving record for the past five years, Hartford will lower your premium.

  • Lifetime membership is offered by the company. To avail of this, you should prove that you are truly capable of driving at your age, and can comply with a few requirements.

  • You will have your auto insurance deductible reduced by $150 if you have kept a clean record – no accidents and violations – for an entire year. Your collision deductibles can also reduce by $50 yearly if the clean record continues for the succeeding years, until your deductible reaches $0.

  • Being involved with a car accident is never easy, especially when you sustain serious injuries. As you confine yourself in the hospital or undergo treatment, home activities may be compromised. Your physical incapability will surely limit you from doing your errands.

    As an aid, AARP Hartford offers financial assistance in the payment of home services you avail of, such as cooking, gardening, driving and many more.

  • Unlike other companies, your insurance rates are protected for a full year from unexpected increases.

  • Assistance will come to you at any time of day that your need arises. You can check with AARP's 24/7 customer service.

AARP auto ins brings a different meal to the table. The conventional car insurance plan may be good, but it isn't always suitable for drivers of all ages.

Auto insurances endorsed the by AARP are specifically designed for the convenience of the aging community. The association also offers defensive driving lessons for those in their 50s and older for as low as $10 for 3 to 4 hours each day on a 4-day training.

AARP Hartford car insurance have teamed up with a single commitment to address the specific needs of senior drivers.

Sure, aging may cause dramatic changes in a senior's life, with physical issues beginning to affect their driving abilities. This reality, however, should not automatically deny people in this age bracket the opportunity and freedom of driving.

Certain adjustments and skills can be learned to compensate for any deficiency to allow them to maintain their road freedom. It's likely that the most important reason they need to learn defensive driving skills is to compensate for all the crazy younger people on the road who are texting and using other electronic devices while driving.

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