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Attending an AARP defensive driving class is a good initiative for people ages 50 and older who aren't planning to quit driving any time soon.

Fortunately, in the United States where there is equal opportunity for everyone, you can't stop seniors from driving for as long as they do not compromise their own safety or those of their passengers and other drivers.

The American Association for Retired Persons or AARP benefits a wide population of seniors by providing them with information on the latest trends, and tackling issues that affect their age group.

Among these topics are health and the aging process. Being an AARP member also opens doors to great discounts when traveling and on your insurance policies.

AARP can be reached at1-888-AARP-NOW (1-888-227-7669) for more information on the group, their affiliated companies and partners, discounts and services such as the defensive driving course.

For only around $16, the AARP defensive driving course usually runs for two days and takes about 4 hours of your day.

If you can't attend a class in person, you can always check the AARP website site and avail yourself of the course online. Some of the benefits that you may acquire are the following:

  • You will get reacquainted with the rules and regulations on the road and be in touch with and enhance your skills in driving.

  • You will learn about the growing limits of your physical capabilities, as brought about by aging. You will be taught skills to cope with these changes in a positive manner as they creep up on you.

  • You will be updated about the basic warning signs on driving and on having passengers in your car.

  • You will be informed about possible road violations and learn tips for avoiding accidents.

  • You will learn safe road driving skills and preparations for driving under certain weather conditions.

  • Upon completion of the course, you can avail of extra discounts on your car insurance.

Partnering with AARP theHartford insurance company has been around for 200 years now, backed by a number of loyal policyholders. In its own right, the Hartford Company is a well known insurance company of automobiles and homes.

Because of their special relationship with AARP theHartford offers policies and programs that are tailored to specifically meet the needs of AARP members.

AARP defensive driving courses are available online or for attendance in a classroom setting. If you wish to be updated on the latest traffic laws and refresh your driving skills, then, this may be the best time enroll!

Defensive driving is also a very useful skill to possess in order to promote road safety. Remember that protection from any road accidents begins with you. Maybe at some point, the skills you acquire from this defensive driving course will not only save your own life, but others' too.

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