AARP Defensive Driving Course
For Older Drivers

AARP Defensive Driving Course

The AARP Defensive Driving course is seen as particularly beneficial given the continuous rise in the number of adults ages 65 years old and up who are still driving.

AARP Defensive Driving classes are just one way to promote safe driving via continued driving education for American Association of Retired Person or AARP members.

The AARP defensive driving classes are only $15.95 for AARP members and only $4 more for non-members. The only requirement is that you are 50 years or older.

Apart from the benefits of brushing up on your driving skills and feeling more confident behind the wheel in an ever increasing stressful situation, you can also get a significant savings on your insurance bill by taking AARP defensive driving classes.

One report showed that presently, 72% of drivers over 65 years old are involved in more automobile accidents. This involvement, however, does not imply recklessness, but poses the need to continue automobile driving courses for seniors.

Nowadays, millions of senior drivers and AARP members are still living productive lives. Most of them are still working and have an active lifestyle. Senior drivers are found to be generally conscious about road safety precautions.

However, aging makes a driver susceptible to road mishaps, in large part due to slowing reflexes and poor vision. It would be very disappointing for them to be deprived of the freedom and independence that driving brings.

The AARP defensive driving classes, the largest and the first course to target driver improvements, intend to offer a solution to senior drivers that align driving skills with their age.

Each driving class is designed for senior citizens, and not only for their driving ability, but also for the protection of their rights when hitting the road driving.

Senior drivers enrolling in AARP defensive driving classes continue to increase in number. Their cooperation has given insurance companies the opportunity to extend support.

One of the most trusted insurance companies by seniors is AARP Hartford auto insurance, which also sponsors defensive driving classes.

These driver safety classes tackle the physical changes that seniors undergo in relation to their ability to drive. Specifically, the driving class focuses on vision, reflexes and strength when driving.

Topics of the course also include laws on new traffic and road rules to follow, defensive driving, applicable techniques in road driving situations, such as right-of-way, left turns and other traffic regulations.

Availing yourself of the AARP defensive driving course is a great idea for senior citizens. It was established 1979 and has continuously improved the lives of AARP members and non-members alike by keeping them safe on the road.

Upon enrollment, you have the choice of whether you will take the course online or in a classroom setting.

The AARP defensive driving course does not require any tests and is open to all seniors 50 years and older, whether or not you have an AARP membership.

Through it, you will be able to expand your knowledge and understanding of the new driving and safety technologies that new car models are built with. Upon completion of the AARP defensive driving course, you, as a participant, will have the opportunity to receive a discount on your insurance, particularly if you insure with AARP Hartford.

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