AARP Alternative Options

AARP alternatives

The demand for an AARP alternative has resulted in the emergence of an alternative to AARP in most states.

Most people consider politics to be the reason for such a division due to the American Association of Retired Person's (AARP) political philosophy.

The AARP is a non-governmental organization and interest group based in the United States that caters to the needs of Americans ages 50 and up.

An alternative to AARP would be the Alliance for Retirement Prosperity Association whose principles essentially favor the conservatives (see what I mean?).

The ARPA claims to offer more discounts than AARP does. In addition, ARPA says that its products and services cover a wider spectrum and in more details.

Another AARP alternative is AMAC or the Association of Mature American Citizens, which is an organization of non-partisan and conservative Americans 50 years old and up.

The AMAC follows the conventional values which are faith, family, and freedom, which it declares as the three most important traits of bringing America to its greatest. (I can't argue with that!)

This AMAC organization purports to provide discounts for seniors and promote American values.

As endorsed by the AARP, Hartford Auto Insurance Company caters to all retired persons whether or not they are American citizens.

AARP Hartford Auto Insurance is known to have offered great discounts to clients, coupled with high-quality coverage on its policies.

Because all states differ in car insurance requirements and regulations, clients will have to check for available auto insurance coverage for their particular state. Some of the Hartford auto policy features and offers that you or a qualified loved one can avail of are:

  • A waive of any raise in their premium for your first road accident, but applicable only on policyholders who have not been in any serious accident in the past 5 years;
  • A lifetime drivers' insurance membership for as long as you can still drive and comply with the rules;
  • Issuance of reduced payment for collision deductibles once proven to have had no record of road crashes;
  • Covered payments in certain expenses, as may be applicable, during a traffic collision that caused injuries; and
  • Customer service that is round-the-clock in all days of the week.

Each AARP alternative has also set options for people to pick those that they think will serve them well. Likely, it would be to your advantage to read articles and testimonies of members of these organizations, as opposed to merely relying on the company's flowery speeches.

Because feedback from clients who have had first-hand experience with the company matter, it would help to do a little research on the specific policies of each company and compare them.

Whether you fall on the liberal or the conservative side, the decision on which company to choose is completely up to you. Just do a little research and decide if AARP Hartford or an alternative to AARP fits you best.

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