AAA Michigan Auto Insurance

by Chris D
(Ann Arbor, MI)

Customer Review of AAA Michigan Auto Insurance

Customer Review of AAA Michigan Auto Insurance

AAA Michigan Auto Insurance takes care of their customers.

I had an accident where I was pushed off the road by an armored car. I took out a light post, and did some fairly extensive damage to the underside of my car.

I called AAA Insurance MI to report the accident, and within minutes a wrecker was dispatched, and an appointment was made with the nearest dealership for my car brand.

The total of the repair bill was a few dollars over their limit, but my AAA insurance representative was very accommodating when I told her I owed more than that. She made the repairs happen, and my car wasn't totaled out.

The only complaints I had was with the shop they sent it too. Again, my AAA agent was able to help me get things taken care of.

I've had several opportunities to use their roadside assistance, and every time, help was dispatched quickly. They always followed up when they said they would, and did everything possible to help.

I don't know if AAA insurance Michigan is the cheapest around because I don't shop for insurance. They've never raised my rates, in fact they've lowered them a couple of times. Unless they change their name, I won't use a different company.

Chris D.

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the great review for AAA Michigan Auto Insurance.

That sounds like quite an accident you had. You mentioned the damage to your car, but I hope you weren't hurt. What a blessing.

It's nice to know that AAA Insurance was so prompt in their dealings with you. That's the way to get loyal customers. It seems to be working for them, too, if you're anything to go by.

Thanks again for telling us about it. I hope it will encourage others looking for insurance to check out the AAA Insurance quotes.

Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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