AAA Insurance Review

by Annie T. Baxter
(Texas Gulf Coast, USA)

A Positive AAA Insurance Review

A Positive AAA Insurance Review

I've got a AAA Insurance Review. Sorry, I only have something nice to say!

For several years our auto insurance was with Travelers Insurance. During that time we did not have any claims, but, I can say that our rates were very reasonable and did not increase more than a fair amount with inflation.

Usually when it comes time to renew our insurance, I plan to make some "shop around" calls for rate comparisons, but never do. Well, this year I did, and boy howdy, am I glad! About $300.00 worth of savings glad!

The company I moved our business to is underwritten for AAA. Most people know them for their Auto Club, but they have a very competitive insurance department. By combining our auto and home insurance, we were able to get a nice discount. We've not had to make a claim yet (and that's a good thing!), but will remember this site to share our experience if we do.

Long gone are the days of staying with an Insurance Co. just because it's where you have always done business. It really does pay to shop around. Maybe your present insurer will give you the best rate...but, maybe not!


Hi Annie,

Thanks for the great AAA Insurance Review! Don't worry. We like to have 'raves' as well as 'rants' around here. It's lovely to have something nice to say! :)

Just out of curiosity, did you tell Traveler's Insurance you were switching?

My parents recently renewed their car insurance. They found a cheaper price online, but when they called their current insurance carrier and told them about the quote they received, they beat that price to keep my parents' business.

That's why I think it's important to do comparison shopping online. The free quote services make it simple and you can save a good bit of money. The insurers have a lot of leeway in what they can offer you. Most people just don't bother to take the time.

Thanks again for your AAA Insurance Review. I hope you have no need at all to ever file a claim!

Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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